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GHD Hair Straightener capacity through enhance the industrial base

Posted Mar 31 2013 1:18pm

GHD Hair Straightener Accelerate the improvement of the policy environment. Realistically speaking, the real economy and industrial development environment is very worrying, prominent problem is the costs rise too fast, the tax burden is too high and profits low, only 5.3% of the sales profit rate of enterprises above designated size in 2012, 80 focus on large and medium-sized iron and steel enterprises, the profit margin of only 0.04%, affected social capital does not feel at ease to invest in the real economy, even many private industrial enterprises profit, unwilling funds continue to invest in the industrial industry early take fried housing stocks and to develop private borrowing, industrial development, the development of the real economy must create the average investment rate of return of the real economy, not obvious below the conditions and environment of the virtual economy, we should actively explore the structural tax cuts fee reductions to offset part of the burden of rising costs brought to the enterprise. Improve the financial, credit, transportation, services, etc. at the same time, reduce logistics costs and taxes in the real economy, financing burden. In particular to reduce the lending rates for SMEs.

Strive to foster a new type of consumer information consumption.

In recent years, with communication innovations in information technology, with each passing day, the birth of a large number of new consumption patterns to form a huge consumer market, and profound changes in consumer behavior, promote the upgrading of consumption structure, preliminary estimates of 2012 scale consumer information in China has reached 1.1 trillion yuan, an increase of 21.5% compared to 2011, taking into account the Cheap GHD Straighteners industry association, the information consumer will drive the growth of 100 yuan per 337 yuan GDP growth, the simple doing, with ICT technology further development in the next few years, information consumption can drive tens of thousands of billion consumer and ten trillion yuan of GDP growth. It also requires further do a lot of detailed work, also need a comprehensive policy measures on the national level as soon as possible.

Second, speed up the adjustment of industrial structure.

To promote the adjustment of industrial structure, focusing on two aspects, on the one hand, to speed up the transform and upgrade traditional industries, by digestion batch, transfer of a number of integrated batch, out of a number of approaches and improve the institutional mechanisms to resolve the excess capacity through enhance the industrial base, the ability to reinforce the basis for industrial development, and to enhance the quality of the industry through technological innovation.

The other hand to speed up the development and expansion of strategic emerging industries and production services and strive to make breakthroughs in key core technology, and promote the transformation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, to GHD Factory Outlet strengthen the development of emerging markets. Focus on to talk about a few of them.

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