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Enough with the Balance Exercises!

Posted Jul 01 2010 8:05am

I think it’s time I say “Enough with the Balance exercises.”  I’ll keep doing the walking, I’ll keep doing the bike riding, I’ll keep doing the Wii, but the balance exercises are gonna kill me.  Literally.

Monday, I fell and hit my head while doing the exercises.

Tuesday, I fell onto my mattress, no harm done.  Same thing Wednesday.

Today, I fell onto my mattress and gave the back of my head a glancing blow against the wall.  Then I fell against the OTHER wall and bruised my arm against the corner of a print Gail has hanging in the bedroom.  I use the walker, of course… but the walker falls WITH me.

Face it.  I’m not gonna get my balance back.  It’s gone.  Practicing with something you don’t have just doesn’t seem to make any sense to me.  And I don’t want to keep hurting myself.

Now, when Gail gets back with my ham & cheese sammich, I’ll feel better.  :)

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