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Dream a Little Dream With Me!

Posted Aug 08 2010 4:49am

Last night was a night for weird, disjointed dreams that seemed to follow no real logical storyline… but here we go, what I can remember, anyway.

We were kids, I guess.  My dead father sent my little brother Joe and me down to a gas station on Pershing and Main Avenue in Clinton to keep an eye on his car overnight.  His car was in the shop to be fixed.  Across the street at Snack Harbor, which hasn’t been there since, I guess, sometime in the 1970s, there was a body in the parking lot and the cops were all over it.  I told Joe to stay in the garage while I went over to take a look, but the cops wouldn’t let me get close to it.

Then a girl I knew from (who never actually existed, I couldn’t tell you who she was) came by to tell me that she had always liked me and wanted to be my girlfriend.  And her mom owned a in town that nobody had ever heard of.  Actually her Mom was her sister, as she was being raised by her grandmother.

Suddenly it was daytime, and we were down on Second Street in , where Machael Oil used to be.  There was a little sheet metal trailer there with a radio antenna on the outside.  I asked “my girlfriend’s” mom if I could have a job, and she said no because all they play is Spanish and Hindu music.  But then she relented, saying I could do a few hours of every day.  I went into the studio and it was a mess.  There was junk and equipment laying everywhere.  And there was this looking guy running what passed for the control board.  He began showing me the equipment, when I remembered I left Joe at the garage and went back for him.

Now it was night time again.  The body in the Snack Harbor parking lot was gone, but there was a series of blue circles on the pavement showing where it had been.  I went back into the garage and the morning staff was beginning to show up.  Joe and I were hungry and wanted to get a donut or something from the station’s convenience store, but they had no convenience store.  Dad showed up, and now his car was a shiny, big airplane.  He offered us a ride home, but I said I wanted to get something to eat, and it looked like the lights were on over at Snack Harbor.  Joe went with him, and I crossed the street.  But by the time I got there, the lights were out and they were closed.

Suddenly, it was night again and I was camping on a beach.  I saw some folks walking toward me in the dark, I think they may have been park custodians or something like that.  I hollered at them and told them I was there in the dark, and that I camped out on this beach all the time.  Then I remembered my new girlfriend, and that I hadn’t talked to her in awhile.  I took out my cell phone and tried to find her in my list of contacts.

That’s when I woke up.

Ah, that nighttime Stalevo is gonna make for some INTERESTING morning blog posts!

Now, to make the coffee!

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