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Doggie Sisters Love and Share

Posted Feb 18 2011 5:44pm

Isn’t it nice when doggie sisters love each other?  Isn’t it nice when they share?

I wouldn’t know.

Raven (the black border collie) would rather eat Shiloh’s eyes out of her head than let her have the ball.  But there is very little fighting between these two.  In cases like this, Raven lays there and growls with one or both paws over the ball.  Shiloh just plops down in front of Raven and waits for an opening.  If a piece of the ball gets exposed, Shiloh gets a paw on it.  Raven growls and growls and Shiloh works the ball looser and looser from Raven’s grip.

Finally, the ball is loose and Shiloh takes the ball and walks away.

And thus, the dispute is settled.

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