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Desecrating the Sacred Ground

Posted Aug 16 2010 4:15pm
Posted on 08/16/10, in , by Parky Bill

No one can deny that the former site of the World Trade Center is about as sacred a ground as ground can get.  It is so sacred that after nearly nine years of squabbling among family members and bankers and other people with moneyed interest in what gets built there, the site is still a hole in the ground:  A jagged, broken tooth in the formerly beautiful smile of the southern tip of Manhattan.

And now, a group of people is willfully, WANTONLY, desecrating this sacred ground where nearly 3,000 Americans (some of which may have accidentally been Muslims) shed their blood on that never-to-be-forgotten September morning in 2001.

I, for one, thank the clear-thinking writers of the blogopshere for pointing this out, and getting PICTURES.

Look!  Look at these pictures Talking Points Memo took !  They took pictures in a three block area surrounding this most sacred of sacred construction sites.

Picture 3 is a GENTLEMAN’S CLUB!  Now that sounds nice.  But don’t let the name fool you.  It’s where “gentlemen” go to stuff $20 bills into the g-strings of otherwise naked women who gyrate in faux sexual arousal on their gentlemanly laps.  And it’s ONE BLOCK AWAY!!!

Picture 4 shows a deli, a video store, a grocery and an AT&T store.  Obviously located so close to the former WTC sacred construction site in case someone wants a sandwich, an X-rated DVD, a gallon of milk and a cell-phone during their visit to pray for the repose of the souls of those killed on 9/11.

Picture 6 shows a Catholic church near the sacred site.  Now, I didn’t lose anyone during the terror attacks, but I happen to know for a FACT that some Catholics VOTED for President George W. Bush, who blatantly IGNORED warnings that bin Laden wanted to attack America with hijacked jetliners.

Picture 10? St. Paul’s Chapel!  Now, I’m not saying ALL Methodists were involved in ignoring the intelligence that clearly (in hindsight) pointed to the attack on September 11.  But surely SOME were.  What do we say to the families when we allow METHODISTS to worship so close to the wounded ground their negligence helped create?

Picture 13 shows an OBVIOUSLY Middle-Eastern man talking on a cell phone outside the “Korin” cutlery store.  We certainly didn’t NEED “the Daily Show’s” fine expose to point out the similarity between the word Korin and Koran.  And KNIVES?  Like the BOX CUTTERS the terrorists used to capture the planes they used?  Do we REALLY want the SALE of KNIVES so VERY NEAR to this holy, holy ground?

Now there are some that would say it’s WRONG to hold all knife salesmen, Methodists, Catholics, convenience stores and horny businessmen responsible – collectively – for what happened on that horrible day nearly 9 years ago.  But can’t we see that by ALLOWING these places to exist SO VERY CLOSE to this empty tooth socket with the raw, painful nerves still throbbing from the terror of 9/11, we’re letting OTHER knife salesmen, Methodist, Catholics, convenience store owners and horny businessmen feel they can do whatever they want, wherever they want, with impunity?

Good thing that we, as Americans, are loathe to blame any group for the actions of a few of their number.

That’s such a, a, a 1930′s Germany thing to do!

Anybody who has ever been in this part of Manhattan knows just what this area needs to dig it out of the depression caused by the destruction of September 11, 2001. A nice COMMUNITY CENTER! Where folks can go to gather with other folks and relax, enjoy some tea, read books, and worship according to their First Amendment Rights. There already ARE Christian and Jewish centers in the area… so you know who could USE one? The MUSLIMS! And what a GREAT WAY to show the rest of the world that thinks we HATE Muslims that we DON’T blame the entire Islamic faith for what a few of their radical Jihadist members did. What a great way to shove our American asses in Osama’s face, to show him that we’re NOT afraid, we DON’T live in terror, and the attack DID NOT accomplish its goal to make us terrified and turn against each other!!! An Islamic Community Center!

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