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Deep Brain Diary, the Paperback. Available Now on Amazon.

Posted Apr 12 2010 6:19am
The Parkinson's Disease Diary of...
Writer, Blogger, Husband, Father, Doggie Daddie and Parkinson's Disease Patient

So, you were interested in buying a copy of “Deep Brain Diary: My Life as a Guy with Parkinson’s Disease and Brain Surgery Volunteer.”  But you were put off by the $35 asking price at .  You saw that there were e-Book and Kindle versions for $5, but you’re one of those people who likes to hold a book in your hands.  Right?

Deep Brain Diary is now available RIGHT NOW as a paperback for $15 at the partner site, Create

I remind you that 100 percent of the author’s profits from this book, after Amazon gets its cut, will be donated to the National Parkinson Foundation (although, for some reason, the NPF continues to steadfastly refuse to list my book in their PD Library section… but I’ll keep working with them on that… or I’ll find an organization that WANTS the money).

So, a nice paperback.  With pictures.  $20 less than the hardcover version.  An interesting story, humorously told.  My mother liked it.  So will you.

Available in Hardcover , Paperback , Kindle , an eBook (PDF) download , and soon to be on iPad.

It was nearly four weeks after his 45th birthday when Bill Schmalfeldt was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. In addition to having to get used to having what he always thought of as a old man’s disease, Bill had to adjust to the idea that his condition would only deteriorate. After seven years, Bill learned about an experimental clinical trial of for patients in the less-advanced stages of Parkinson’s. He was one of 30 people to sign up for this Phase I trial testing the safety and tolerability of the procedure. In this group, 15 patients were randomized to the surgical group while 15 were asked to just continue taking their medicine as before so they could be compared to the surgical group in the months and years to come.

The author’s proceeds from the sale of this book and/or download will be donated to the National Parkinson Foundation to assist in their marvelous work towards finding a cure and new and better treatments for PD.

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