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Deep Brain Diary — the Novel — FINISHED!

Posted Feb 25 2010 10:53am

Post image for Deep Brain Diary — the Novel — FINISHED!

This is a book I’ve been writing, mostly on this blog and others, since February 2007.  And today, I feel like it’s ready to be shopped out to an agent or a publisher.

This is my first effort at non-fiction.  I have one published fiction novel “…by the people…” (which you can check out by clicking the link… it’s cheap, funny and good!  And cheap.  Did I say, “Cheap”?).  I’ve written several other novels, screenplays and stage plays which sit gathering dust in various boxes around the house.

This is a real life story, told with the same snarky humor you’ve become accustomed to on this website.

The story is told in four segments.

1.  Karma Had Nothing to Do With It! (I used to work for a farmer when I was in high school.  He was a mean old bastid with PD.  My twin brother and I thought it was funnier than hell.  So it’s not that I don’t DESERVE Parkinson’s, but I use this chapter to discuss how I came about getting the diagnosis.)

2. Volunteering for Brain Surgery (I detail the decision process entering into the clinical trial for deep brain stimulation, the surgical procedures and the aftermath.)

3.  Getting Used to a Battery-Powered Brain (the healing process, the DBS programming, and my current symptomatic slide downhill.

4.  Weird Dream Theater (A compendium of some of my more bizarre dreams since surgery.)

There will be a 5th Segment if I ever get an agent or a publisher, sort of a “Where We Are Now” tying together of loose ends.  Otherwise, I’ll just keep ADDING to the sonuvabitch!

Putting it all together today, we have a 248-page manuscript, 73,874 words suitable for publishing.


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