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Billy Big Rig Saved America! Listen to His Personal Story on Podiobooks!

Posted Sep 20 2010 3:54am

You sleep securely in your beds at night ONLY because Billy Big Rig did what he had to do to Save !  Hear the incredible tale in its entirety as a Podiobooks presentation absolutely free!  (Donations are accepted.)

For his second Podiobook, Bill Schmalfeldt goes from the sublime to the ridiculous. His follow-up to the non-fiction “No Doorway Wide Enough” is this fanciful, hilarious narrative, voiced by disgraced, former alcoholic Billy Big Rig (who can never reveal his real name because everyone wants to kill him) who if he is to be believed infiltrated a terror cell, went to , and single-handedly saved America from another terror attack in the days after 9/11. Along the way, he shares his philosophy about life, love, truckstop meals and waitresses, how he killed the REAL , and his many, many marriages. This will probably be the most book you will read or hear all year. Definitely not for the kiddies, mostly for language, violence, and brief nudity. If you download this book and are offended, it’s YOUR fault, not the author’s! You’ve been warned. But if you like a bawdy, action-packed story, told by a character who is one part , one part , one part , one part and 100 percent AMERICAN MAN, then you’ll LOVE “Undercover Trucker: How I Saved America by Truckin’ Towels for the Taliban.” In a manly way, I mean. Billy doesn’t swing that way. That sh*t just ain’t right!

WARNING TO THE SATIRE IMPAIRED: You will need ALL your satire glands in order to enjoy this.

All 12 episodes are available now, you can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes (or your favorite podcast aggregator) or listen to individual episodes on your computer.

The print version of the book is available right here .

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