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Ass? Meet Yard. Yard? Ass.

Posted Nov 28 2010 12:04pm

Whoops!  I did it again.  Lost my balance out in the yard, fell on my ass, bruising my right in the process.  Were it not for the padding that my neurologist INSISTS that I get rid of down there, I could have been hurt more seriously.

Here’s what happened.

See, most of the folks in this own dogs.  Unfortunately, most of the dogs in this trailer park are SMARTER than their owners and they run free pretty much whenever they like.  Two in particular have been a pain over the last couple days.  They’re nice, sweet dogs who wouldn’t hurt a fly, but Raven thinks ALL dogs (other than Shiloh) are going to try to HURT her like that damn across the street has time after time.  Shiloh just likes to scream and scream at them.

So, our had an urgent need to use the yard.  So, one at a time we took them out… Gail standing with a shovel to ward off intruders, me holding the leash and trying to keep each dog on task.

Raven had to posture and growl and bark and bristle, but she finally DID pee, then scratched the dirt to show she meant business.  I had to get Gail’s help to drag her back to the steps.

Shiloh wanted to run and sniff and run and sniff, and then the dogs came back, so Shiloh wanted to run over to where they were.  She peed, turned and ran to the front of the yard.  I turned as well… and lost my balance.


The sound came from Shiloh, not me.  My falling “startled” her.

“Uh, Gail?  A little help?” I asked from my back with my head on the downhill side of a gentle slope in the yard.

She helped me up, and that is when I noticed my knee hurt.  My right forearm and hip hurt as well.  So did my left shoulder.

Limped back into the house to assess damage.  Just a small abrasion on the knee.  Felt my hip and noticed a big lump right above the point where my femur attaches to the hip.  (The picture is about actual size.)  The lump has gone down, but this baby still stings and is no doubt going to bruise up quite nicely.

I’ve always felt that when you fall off the world, the best thing to do is get right back on it.  So Gail and I went shopping.

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