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Another Senseless Squirrel-Related (Near) Tragedy

Posted Feb 26 2010 9:19am

Gail went to the store.  She went without me today because the wind is really whipping out there.   There have been times when, hobbling along with my walker, a good gust of wind almost caused me to lose my balance.  Gail figured “better safe than sorry,” and I wholeheartedly agreed.

No sooner is Gail out the door when my two hounds decide they need to use the yard.  I ignore them for awhile, because I’m putting together the second of two podcasts I needed to get done today.   I locked the doggie gate so I could work unmolested.  (If you ignore Shiloh and her incessant “rrrrrrrOOOOOOoooo-ing” she will come into my office space and physically attempt to insert herself between me and my computer.  I wasn’t having it.)

When I was finished, I turned and looked at my doggies.  They were both VERY sad.  You know the look…

Yeah.  THAT’S the one.

Anyhoo… I said the magic words.  “Do you have to POOP?”

Both of my darling little idiots bolted for the front door and bounced like little cartoon doggies.  I put the leash on Raven first (she’s got seniority) and cautiously stepped out on the porch.  The winds were howling and gusting, but I got my feet under me and told Raven, “Go potty!”

Raven walked down the steps and turned to her right.

She saw the squirrel before I did.  The squirrel saw us both and bolted.  Then Raven bolted.  Then I flew across the porch and jammed my right wrist against the porch railing as this bulldozer of a border collie reached the end of her retractable leash.  If that rail hadn’t been there, Gail would have come home to a missing dog and the sight of my two slipper-clad feet poking out of the snow.

Once was a time I could STOP Raven from bolting after rodents in the yard.  Usually, I see the varmints before she does, and I’m able to cinch up on the leash.  This time, she saw it first and very nearly caused me some serious injury.  I bashed my chest against the porch railing, my right wrist and elbow hurt, and my right knee feels slightly twisted and hurty.

But she sure scared the BEJEESUS out of that squirrel, don’cha know…  And then, she pooped.


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