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ANOTHER Reason I Can’t POSSIBLY Have Parkinson’s Disease!

Posted Mar 03 2011 1:30pm

No reason to resort to name-calling, now!!!

Add ANOTHER reason why I can’t POSSIBLY have the Parkinson’s disease I’ve had for 11 years to the list!

The study in this week’s online issue of the journal Neurology analyzed data from nearly 99,000 women and 37,000 men who were asked about their use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs ( NSAIDs ) such as ibuprofen , and other pain relievers such as Aspirin and acetaminophen.

During the six years of follow-up, 291 cases of Parkinson’s disease were identified.

Taking ibuprofen regularly was tied to a 0.38 times reduced risk of developing Parkinson’s compared with those who didn’t use it, after taking age, smoking, body mass index and diet into account.

I’ve been taking ibuprofen (usually at levels ABOVE the recommended dosage) since I discovered Tylenol can cause liver damage with over use.  I started this in the 80s when my back was hurting, when my knee was hurting.  A quick 4 ibuprofen tabs, gulp!  Fixes it right up!

We add ibuprofen to a lengthening list of reasons I can’t POSSIBLY have Parkinson’s.

For one, I drink coffee .

According to studies, drinking 24 ounces of coffee decreases your risk of Parkinson’s disease by 40 percent and your risk of Alzheimer’s disease by about 20 percent. Why? Researchers are not quite sure, except that it appears caffeine has a beneficial impact on neurotransmitters.

I’ve had at least two cups of coffee a day since I was 16.  40 years.  I’ve had Parkinson’s for 11 of those years.
For another thing, I’m a cigar smoker .

Current smokers were 44 percent less likely to develop Parkinson’s disease than people who had never smoked. People who had smoked in the past and quit were 22 percent less likely to develop Parkinson’s than people who had never smoked.

I’ve been smoking cigars since I was 17.
I also enjoy blueberries!

New research suggests berries may hold the key to the possible prevention of Parkinson’s disease. The key is in the flavonoids, antioxidant chemicals found in plants and fruits.Study author and American Academy of Neurology member Xiang Gao, of the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, told AOL Health berries can increase dopamine levels, which affect brain processes that control movement, emotional response and the ability to experience pleasure and pain.

I had blueberries on my breakfast on Tuesday!  I’ve been eating blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and mulberries (that we used to pick off a tree in our back yard when I was a kid) all my life.


Maybe I have some sort of Bizarro World Parkinson’s disease that formed because it did the OPPOSITE of what most brains do…


Wouldn’t surprise me a bit.


Whew!  When I think of all the MONEY I’ve wasted fighting a disease I can’t POSSIBLY have…


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