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Another Busy Day Awaits

Posted Dec 18 2010 9:49am

Gotta go out and about again today.  First, we’ll schlep down to Red Robin (I’m hooked!) for some burgerliciousness.  Then, it’s down to a thrift store in Laurel to get some for Santa to deliver to some dogs who have tried to be VERY GOOD this year.  You will see how they TREAT these toys in the pictures below.

Then, off to the store to get the Roast Beast.  Actually, it’s , but I like to call it Roast Beast cuz if it lures the to my house, I can deal with the rotten bastard once and for all.

As far as gifting, we got something nice for TJ.  Gail already gave me my jacket.  And all she wanted was a cash gift that she could send to her son in Arizona.  I’m going to try to talk her into going out with me on to pick something out for herself, but she is the most unselfish person in the world so I expect a challenge.

Now, some scenes from last Christmas Eve.

You THROW the present, wrapping and all, for the dog to rip!




It's FUN to PULL and RIP and TEAR!


Shiloh Has a Monkey On Her Back.

She pranced around with this one for awhile and wouldn't let anyone have it.

Nothing says "Christmas" like the joy in a doggie's eyes!

But then, after such intense play, a girlie gets very tired!

Gail weeps for the murdered toy!

Gail weeps for the Murdered Toy!

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