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“Not So Fast” on That Ibuprofen News

Posted Feb 21 2010 4:50pm

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The excellent Parkinson’s disease website Viartis throws some cold water on the recent study that alleges heavy use of ibuprofen can prevent the development of PD.

Frequently, the results of medical research do not match the claims made for them. Ibuprofen is often taken for arthritis or pain. For more information go to Ibuprofen. It works by preventing the formation of prostaglandins. However, prostaglandins have nothing at all to do with the biochemistry of Parkinson’s Disease. So the full details might show that Ibuprofen has little effect on Parkinson’s Disease or that there is only an indirect association. The most comprehensive research concerning the effect of Ibuprofen on Parkinson’s Disease assessed studies carried out over 40 years. The effects of Ibuprofen were found to be far less than those of the news release, and statistically could have shown a reduced association with Parkinson’s Disease of only 11%.

So let’s all just hang onto our hats and not rush the drug stores for ibuprofen.  It does wonders as an anti-inflammatory… God knows I have been taking it for decades for my various arthritis-related problems.  But is sure as hell did not prevent me from getting Parkinson’s.

But then, neither did nicotine or caffeine.

Just sayin’… take news like this with a HUGE grain of salt!

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