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‘Body Worlds’ Artist Needs to Shut Up About ‘Dying from Parkinson’s Disease’

Posted Jan 05 2011 11:21am


We all love your “Body Worlds” displays.  Even though some of them show you to have pretty quirky if not downright “questionable” tastes.  Posing your plasticized in sexual positions, for instance.  I mean, if you’re the corpse and the other corpse is attractive, who wouldn’t like THAT?  But is that something we want the KIDS to see?

No, sir, my beef with you is that since you announced several days ago that you have Parkinson’s disease, you’ve had it for two years, therefore by your own research you have seven years to live You need to knock that crap off.  People read these stories and think their doctor has been lying to them!  “I HAVE PARKINSON’S!  AND THIS GUY’S A DOCTOR!  IF HE’S DYING, THEN SO AM I!!!!”

You’re scaring people.  Even more than you do with your basketball playing corpses with their skulls split open to show their brains.

“Your Own Research?” Sir.  As an employee of the , I have pretty much the entire at my disposal.  As a person who has been dancing with this exquisite little inconvenience for 11 years (come January 31) and hasn’t died yet, let ME tell YOU what MY research says.

I’m sorry, did you miss that?  I’ll say it a little louder and cite some examples of eminent scientists who agree with me.

Parkinson’s disease is not fatal, but it reduces longevity. The disease progresses more quickly in older than younger patients, and may lead to severe incapacity within 10 to 20 years. Older patients also experience freezing and greater declines in mental function and daily functioning.

Parkinson’s disease is NOT fatal. It is NOT infectious. It CANNOT be transmitted to other members of the family.

Parkinson’s alone is not fatal , but it can bring about events, such as choking and falling that may become deadly. It progresses slowly. The symptoms may make daily routine activities difficult.

Although Parkinson disease itself is not fatal, it increases the risk of dying from PD-related complications, such as falls, choking, or pneumonia.

Again, it is important to remember that progression is slow and that available medications may manage symptoms for a significant period of time.

And THESE snippets are just from non-scholarly sources that are available to EVERYONE.

So, sir, you need to stop telling everyone with a microphone and a note pad that you’re “dying” from “Parkinson’s.”  These are REPORTERS you are talking to.  As such, they’re not USED to doing research and fact checking.  They will write down whatever you say as if it was God’s word from the Mount, print it verbatim or put it right on the air as if it were true.

Terminally-ill ‘Dr. Death’ to display own body

The German anatomist dubbed ““, who has turned stomachs worldwide preserving and displaying dead bodies, said Wednesday he is terminally ill and plans to exhibit his own corpse.

Gunther von Hagens, 65, told the Bild mass circulation daily he is suffering from incurable Parkinson’s disease and intends to have his dead body put on display to “welcome” visitors to his exhibition.

BODY WORLDS Creator, Anatomist Gunther von Hagens Reveals His Two Year Life-Changing Battle With Parkinson’s Disease

“This disease has led me to an existential bewilderment. According to my research the average duration of the disease and disability is about nine years. Since I was diagnosed two years ago, I can realistically expect seven active working years before I become totally incapacitated,” he told the assembly.

Dying Body Worlds inventor wants to become part of exhibit

Gunther von Hagens, the German anatomist who created the controversial Body Worlds exhibition of preserved corpses, has announced that he is dying and wants to become part of the exhibit after his death.

Physician, plastinate thyself: von Hagens reveals he’s dying – and wants to be preserved

His preserved dead bodies have spooked, captivated and disgusted the public. Now, Gunther von Hagens, pioneer of the controversial Body Worlds exhibitions, has added future plans to display his own corpse after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.

Plastic bodies Prof Gunther von Hagens dying

A MACABRE professor who preserves human bodies with plastic said he is dying and will go on display at one of his grim exhibitions.

Anatomy expert Prof Gunther von Hagens, who caused outrage in Tyneside when he displayed an exhibition of dead bodies in Newcastle, said he has been battling Parkinson’s disease for two years.

The German-born pathologist has been given seven years to live and wants to have his body preserved using his plastination technique.

‘I’m dying, so put MY body on show’: ‘Dr Death’ Gunther von Hagens plans grim farewell in one of his own corpse displays
65-year-old reveals he has Parkinson’s Disease and seven years to live

The professor behind a shocking exhibition in which corpses are displayed stripped of their flesh has revealed he is dying – and wants his body to be put on display.Self-styled ‘Dr Death’ Gunther von Hagens is suffering from Parkinson’s Disease and has been told he has seven years to live.

HUH? WHAT? WHO gave you “seven years to live?” What neurologist in his right mind would TELL you such a thing?  Dude… you have PARKINSON’S disease.  Not pancreatic cancer, not esophageal cancer, not mesothelioma.  You have a CHRONIC, but not FATAL disease!  Even by your own description, after two years, it’s not even that BAD yet!!!  I’ve had it 11 years, brother, and I’m still standing upright and exchanging oxygen for carbon dioxide and stuff.

If you told reporters that Parkinson’s disease results in growing a fucking UNICORN horn, they’d write “Body World Creator to Grow Unicorn Horn.”

It helps if you know what you’re talking about, sir.  And you, clearly, do not in this regard.

I do, however, admire your desire to plastinate yourself and include your corpse in your collection… unless it turns out to be some sort of Twilight Zone episode where the museum closes at night and all the corpses come to life to tear your plastinated corpse apart, leaving the security guards scratching their heads in the morning.

And none of this dampens my desire to be part of your display myself some day.  Maybe you and I could be in a classroom setting.  My corpse could be the teacher.  You would be the student at a desk.  Your opened skull would be empty because I would be holding your plastinated brain teaching it about Parkinson’s disease and why it’s important NOT to scare people who already are already worried and concerned about their conditions.

That would be cool.

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