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46-Year Old “Daughter” Calls to YELL at 80-Year Old Bedridden Mother

Posted Jan 13 2011 6:34pm

OK, let’s say you’re an 80-year old woman who has had a terrible last few years.  You had three children die in the span of 5 years, a son in 2004, another son in 2008 and a daughter in 2009.  Then, you have a series of medical setbacks, a couple of which almost kill you.  In 2010, you fall and break your knee right above where you had a a couple years earlier.

Now, you’re pretty much bedridden.  You’ve been told that you will never return to your own home and you can not live independently.  You’re in a rehabilitation home, waiting for a room in their .

Now, you have a phone in your room, but you can’t dial long distance from it.  You don’t have e-mail.  You can write, but your hands are so crippled with arthritis each stroke of the pen is agony.

But you want to get a message to your four remaining children, and you want them to receive it at the same time.

Easy.  You ask your daughter who lives in the same city to copy down a dictated letter, then have her e-mail that letter to her two brothers and sister.

One problem.  The youngest sister has disavowed her family.  She has cut off all contact with her two brothers and sister because her new husband has convinced her that she is SMARTER and BETTER than they are.  Her new husband has no patience for people of faith and has classified her mother as “ignorant” for “not knowing any better” about the “fact” that there “is no God.”

But your mother WANTS the message sent to her .  She really wants her older daughter to TRY to get the message to her younger daughter.  What’s the older daughter to do?

Here, again, is the message my 80-year old bed-ridden mother wanted her four remaining children to read.

Becki is writing for me.  I want to say I love you all.  Becki has carried the burden with no complaint.  Lot’s of times it was hard to do it alone but she did it.  She does everything.  She took James (her cat) because he loves her.  How can I thank her for all she gave up for me.  Bill & Gail send me $(redacted by me) a month.  No questions asked.  That is so kind.  Joey calls me at least a couple a times a week Go Packers!  Micki, this is tough.  You are between the “rock” and a hard spot.  I know that you love your husband.  You should.  He called me stupid because I believe in my one God.  It breaks my heart somedays.  These are my words.

Now, technically, he called her “ignorant,” not “stupid.”  When Becki told that, she replied, “And that’s a step up?”

Anyway, how to get the message to Micki when no one has her phone number, no one has her e-mail, no one knows her mailing address.

Turns out a couple of my nieces still have Micki’s daughter, 22-year old Mary, as a friend on .  Becki sent the message to my oldest niece and asked her to kindly pass it to Mary through Facebook and ask her to deliver it to her mother.

So, that’s the end of it.  Right?

Not when you’re crazy and delusional!  This morning, Micki called my mother at her rehab bed and scolded her  SCOLDED her 80-year old, bedridden mother!

From Becki’s telling of the tale…

She was upset that Mom had sent the message to me to give to (my niece) to send to Mary.  She told mom that mom knows that Micki does not want to talk to “us three” again (I think she means you, me and Joe).  Micki said Brooks never said that about mom, and mom said that she has heard brooks say that about others of faith, so since she is of faith, she must be stupid too. Mom told her that she wanted us all to read the email, that she loved us all, that she’s staying in the nursing home… that’s why she did what she did. Micki said “I already know where you are.”  Micki said not to have “them” contact any of them again and when she wants to call Mom, she will.  Mom said she could tell that Micki was very upset at her.

So, if my 80-year old bed-ridden mother in the rehab facility with a broken knee and aortic stenosis wants to talk to her daughter, she must wait until her daughter is in the mood to call HER.

Oh, and to be clear on what her husband did or did not call her– this is from the e-mail Shithead sent to me on March 8, 2010.  Do your best with it, because I’m not going to correct the spelling or punctuation.

“Little Ignorant Billy – I am no garden variety atheist. I am smarter. So. Your point? You did have a point? Does anyone care what you think?   So keep saying how you think I am talking out of my ass. Just your uninformed opinion. of course. Except just when did it become socially acceptable to believe in fairy tales? Really. Anybody that believes in the in this day in age should have their head examined.   It is no stretch that any sane person would know that anything made up (fictitious < Look this up Billy) is not real.  Your belief system is full of all sorts of stupid (look this up too.) So now you believe in anything because you can not prove it does not exist somewhere in the universe. You truly are a moron (look that up too). The annoying thing is you are dumb enough to think you are smart because you have good grammar. Your thought process is of an infant. Who do you know believes in a ? Dracula? Really you are crazy.   Lets get this out there too. You pretend to be a drooling Parkinson monkey. I actually gave you respect, by saying I would shove your walker up your ass. I was willing to see you for what you really are. A BIG Ass! Yep, not a disabled person. Just a BIG Ass! If my calculations are correct. The walker should slip right in. If you ask your lovely wife I am sure she would agree. It would slide right in with no pain what so ever.   Now did you forget you threatened me? You did a few times now. You miss that dumb ass? (Actually I don’t recall threatening Shithead at all, other than to say that if he was good to my sister, we’d have no problems.  If he wasn’t, we would.) As far what Mixter classifies her mother?Well dumb ass. That is MY classification. Not hers. Can’t you read? Comprehend? Sounds like you and Becki (not really off the grid wacko Bex) have mommy issues. Really? Who is making your mom unhappy? Micki does not tell her 79 yr old mom whats on the net. She does not have internet. So what Schmalfeldt are you showing? Becky? Bill? You two have no values. I am sorry you two insane people have told your mom anything. I feel bad for Marilynn. You two are disgusting humans.  I always felt Marilynn was a sweet old lady. I am sorry some complete jackass would start trouble like this, but if I had to classify her it would be ignorant. Because she was raised during a different era. She is not who my blog is directed at. Really you two crazy SOB’s need to grow the fuck up.  Mixter want you out of her life. Family would never act the way you two do. So really be done and leave.  Thanks again for the link. I am sure Hump will appreciate it too.  FYI – Grammar and English usage is not a sign of intelligence. If you were intelligent you would know this. If you were intelligent, you would know what you did wrong. Sadly your just crazy.   You know crazy because you think your dog understands sentences. Crazy because you are having hallucinations, and lastly crazy because you too are probably Bipolar like your sister. If you do not agree. Just ask your wife.   zzzzzzzzzzzz(this means you are boring me) Now go! Really your Parkinson’s research from your dog drooling talking blog needs help. For a cure for being an Ass Hole … There is no cure. So good luck with that.”

This why it is so IMPORTANT that you join the Mickey Mensa Club .  I used to donate 100 percent of the proceeds of the sale of that merchandise to PD research.  Now, 100 percent of the profits will go towards my mother’s care.

Here’s how the Mickey Mensa Club got its name.

On Sept. 28, 2010 after a long e-mail exchange between me, Shithead and Micki, she send me an angry e-mail that included this paragraph.

Reagaring my husband: The reason you both have a problem with him is that he convinced me to cut off CRAZY once and for all. You have no reason to make any sort of accusations against him; the loss of compliant Micki is just too much for you obsessive control freaks. I’m f*cking Mensa, you dumb f*cker. I am not stupid nor am I a “mark” for Brooks. I CHOSE to be with him and you all chose to be crazy assholes. Tough decision, that one.

The two most important women in my life -- my mother and my wife.

This sweet, innocent woman whose husband died when she was 51, who had a tortured childhood with a father who abused her and a mother who ignored the abuse, this woman who had two children die before birth and three die as adults, this woman who has had one health problem after another, yet remains cheerful, bright, intelligent and funny despite it all.  Her youngest daughter will call HER when she FEELS like calling her, and that’s the end of that.

Click the button toward the right top of the page.  Buy something nice.  If you know Micki and her address, maybe you could send her something.  And 100 percent of the profits will be donated in your name to my Mom’s care.

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