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10 Years with PD, and He’s Still Raising Hell!

Posted Nov 11 2010 6:50am

Got this very interesting comment through my “Contact Me” form last night from a gent named “Bob”.

I am in year 10. Many of the same symptoms. I have the same attitude, too. I ride my motorcycle, get lost and people suspect I am drunk…

But still alive. The neurologists hate me sometimes I do what they say ..sometimes not. A Non compliant patient. We are not the only ones that don’t whine , I have met a few others , messed up or not I am living my life. This left him speechless…

Sex,drugs bikes and cars

An conducted by a at the University of Pennsylvania, with Hell For Leather present, has used to demonstrate that viewing pictures of motorcycles activates a portion of the brain associated with seeking rewards such as sex, drugs and monetary reward. The results suggest motorcycles fulfill an appetitive need, activating an important node in the dopamine .

The experiment was conducted by James Loughead, a doctor of clinical neuropsychology by day and the proprietor of Hammarhead Industries by night using a motorcycle-riding member of his team as the subject.

Above you’ll find an image of brain activity as recorded by the machine and below you’ll find a copy of the video played during the experiment. Note that it excludes the human faces used in the experiment as releases could not be obtained for our use.

Wow!  I quit driving more than a year ago because I didn’t trust myself behind the wheel any more, and this dude is still bikin’!  Right on, bruh!  Just be careful!

Sorry, but I clicked the link and tried to follow the story, but I tend not to subscribe to “paid subscription” blogs… I feel I can offer mine for free (cuz, frankly, that’s what it’s worth), so others can as well.

But I admire your spirit and spunk!

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