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Enlarged Lymph Nodes in Stomach

Hi-  I had my son (17) to the ER last night for belly pain/ever (100.6).  After a examination and Xray & CT scan...they saw that his Lymph...

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Ladii_Candii13 wrote on parker19341's Whiteboard. Jan 25 2010
parker19341's Whiteboard
Jan 25 2010 by Ladii_Candii13

Hi my name is Cassie and i have sollwen lymph nodes in the stomach and if your son is still haveing pain you should really take him back in. There is many thing that can go wrong with sollowen lymph nodes one could have exploded, and if one exploded then its only a matter of time before the rest explode. Sollowen lymph nodes can cause cancer. So if that was my son i would take him back in and have rechecked just to be on the safe side.

    hope everything is alreight with you son.



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