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Cascia T.

Crystal Lake, Illinois
Cascia Talbert is a mother of five children, health and fitness enthusiast, positive parenting supporter. She started the Healthy Moms Magazine in 2007 as a resource for moms. She is a featured blogger at, often has her content featured on the popular news app, News360. The Healthy Moms Magazine was ranked the number one health blog for moms from Cascia also blogs...


I am a Filipino and a proud mommy to my three boys (and soon be delivering my fourth baby, a girl finally!). I am stay at home mom and I see to it that I am hands on with my kids. I love writing specially if it concerns health, family and kids. I maintain a parenting blog that I update regularly. My interestsa re focused on my kids and their wellness.

Tara Robertson Patient ExpertFacebook

Ontario, Canada
I am a wife and work at home mom with 3 beautiful children. My oldest has been diagnosed with high-functioning Autism and ODD/ADHD. I work as a virtual assistant and social media manager.

Jennifer Lance Patient Expert

San Francisco, California
I graduated from Humboldt State University with a degree in art education. I have been teaching art to children for over 16 years. I also spent five years teaching in a one-room schoolhouse all the grades k-8, and then I became a mother of two beautiful children. Currently, I am teaching preschool and k-8 art, blogging, gardening, hiking, practicing yoga, and raising four akitas.
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Land O Lakes, Florida
I'm a mom on the run. I train for marathons while raising a family and organizing a moms group on Meetup.  Visit my blog, Run DMT. 
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New York, New York
I am a fitness aficionado who believes that everyone has the ability to look and feel great. My health blog features a variety of home workout videos as well as nutrition and healthy lifestyle tips that everyone can incorporate in their daily lives. The home workout videos focus on with minimal use of gym equipment. The nutrition and healthy lifestyle tips cover topics ranging from...

Summer S. Patient Expert

San Francisco, California
Communities: Parenting

Amy Mossoff Patient Expert

United States
Objectivist mom Amy Mossoff tries to stay focused on the small but important stuff of everyday life.
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