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Take Back the Kitchen: Alma's Kahlua Ice Cream by Beth F. Patient Expert Ice cream is great for any time of year but especially in summer. Back in the day (do I sound old?) all ice cream was natural but definitely not so anymore. Many i ... Read on »
10 summer essentials to love right now! by Summer S. Patient Expert I’m just getting back from an amazing weekend away at SheSpeaks, and my brain is swirling with information, excitement and a refreshed creativity. It’s incredible what spe ... Read on »
Riding High with the Toyota Highlander by Beth F. Patient Expert Truth be told - I haven't owned a car with a third row since my kids were toddlers. But there is something to be said about having lots of space - especially when you t ... Read on »
His Turn For Camp by Michelle Patient Expert I've blogged here and here (about our family weekend) about camp Victory Junction .  We went to another Family Weekend back in April (how have I not blogged about that?!) ... Read on »
Reunited by Lisa .. The big girls returned home from camp in time for our annual weenie roast (details tomorrow). Elsa was thrilled to have them home, and they were just as excited to come back ... Read on »
A Hard Recovery by Lisa .. Elsa has been miserable this week. She wouldn't eat - not even rainbow sherbet or otter pops - for three days. And the pain, oh, the pain! For days on end there were continu ... Read on »
7 Steps to a Better Night’s Sleep by Cascia T. From the Editors of Fabric Care Solutions  If you liked this article you might enjoy these stories. Loading... ... Read on »
Parenting Will Never Be the Same After Blogging by Carmen Patient Expert H/T Polly Pagenheart, LesbianDad, BlogHer '14 conference This was a quote that I heard today, at the BlogHer conference, and that, combined with the questions I was ... Read on »
Life With A Superhero (Book Review) by Michelle Patient Expert When Kayla was born there weren't very many books on a parent's experience raising a child with Down syndrome. There were a few, but (if memory serves me right) they were o ... Read on »
Candy on a Gluten Free Diet by pehpot Gluten sensitivity has become one of the most talked about food issues today. Since many people are... [[ Visit my site to read more :) Happy Reading! And oh, don't for ... Read on »