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Krispy Kreme Limited Edition Halloween Doughnuts by pehpot Somebody got spooked by Krispy Kreme:  You can call that pose KRISPY SKREMES! hahahaha What to... [[ Visit my site to read more :) Happy Reading! And oh, don't forgot t ... Read on »
I TOLD you guys I was a cruncher… by Emily and Jenny .. So a few weeks ago I told you I was gettin’ a little bit crunchy . You know, just a tiny bit more into natural foods and natural remedies…I still wash my hair and everythi ... Read on »
United Nations Costumes by pehpot A few more years from now, I will open a costume shop. I will sell United Nations costumes,... [[ Visit my site to read more :) Happy Reading! And oh, don't forgot to c ... Read on »
It's Lorelai's Birthday! by Lisa .. Ten! Ten!!Ten!!!   One decade of Lorelai Leigh! 10 facts about Lorelai: ~ Favorite color: yellow~ Spends 13 hours at gymnastics per week~ No boys at her school can beat ... Read on »
Guest Post - Don't Let It Get You Down Syndrome by Michelle Patient Expert Dad, and author, Steve Dinning has written a book about his son who has Down syndrome and autism - Don't Let It Get You Down Syndrome . This books differs from other memoir ... Read on »
Military Retirement Ceremony by Michelle Patient Expert I still can't believe that Joe is now retired. Ok, technically he's still on active duty, but he's on terminal leave until 1 Jan, when his retirement is official-official. ... Read on »
How Much Should You Weigh? by Cascia T. You would think the question “how much do you weigh” would be simple enough to answer.But in all likelihood, Miss Manners would agree that it’s not really social ettiq ... Read on »
Gluten-y Goodness, Caprese Style by Carmen Patient Expert Yesterday, I posted my recipe for Cherry Almond Redemption Cupcakes . Go read it. I'll wait. :) And then I did the same thing for the amazing Caprese bread, whi ... Read on »
Redemption Cupcakes and Yummy in My Tummy by Carmen Patient Expert This post probably isn't for you if you are gluten free. I am a big eater of bread and cakes and all things gluten-y. I've got some Junk in the Trunk for many carbohydr ... Read on »
What’s a BIGGER news story than Ebola? by Emily and Jenny .. *Updated with proof-of-humiliation link at bottom* Let me tell you, friends, at age 37 my vanity still runs rampant. I like to have my face on. I do my makeup every mo ... Read on »