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Your Signature Style: Color Consultation

Posted Aug 28 2010 11:12am

Color is a powerful tool! It is often the first thing people notice about us, and can be both uplifting as well as drain us of energy. Often when I work with clients they know that they want to better understand what colors work on them, but they don’t always realize how important the impact of color can be on their wardrobe, their self-esteem and their life!

Let’s meet Angela: When you look in her closet you see black trousers, black skirts, black shirts and a denim skirt and jeans. There is the occasional hint of color in the purple and rose family, but those items don’t often get worn because she’s not sure they’re the right shades for her. As for scarves, she has a ton of them that are only worn in the closet and are always removed as she is rushing out the door, at which the point she has lost her confidence to wear anything that’s not black.

Next point of contention? Her outerwear. The sweatshirt hoodie isn’t appropriate, but it is on the hook by the door for convenience. Angela’s not sure if her raingear should be yellow, like a child’s slicker, or tan like the in the spy novel? Her “good” coat has always been black wool with an ample lapel (sometimes her barely worn scarves will be tossed around her neck with this coat) that she sometimes feels isn’t right. And let’s not even talk about shoes. Her black loafers from years ago are her go-to shoes and she doesn’t understand why her friends get so excited about shoes.

Angela doesn’t like to shop but makes a point to go out at the start of each season and forces herself to buy something new. Usually she comes home with yet another pair of black pants, usually on sale, and maybe a new white tee shirt. She doesn’t always love what she buys, but it’s ‘safe’ and she feels secure in the fact that it’s just like what she already has at home.

Angela is not always in a good mood when getting dressed. Sometimes she just gets downright grumpy. She wants so badly to get dressed and feel confident and (dare she say it?) chic! She knows the colors she wears should flatter her, but she’s not really sure what that means – she only knows that she sometimes looks washed out in her “uniform” of black and white but doesn’t know what to do. Angela is starting to feel bored with her style and wonders what life on the other side is like. How could life could be different if she felt confident, put-together and even a tad bit stylish?

But she doesn’t know where to begin…..
What goes with black, other than white?
What colors flatter her skin tone?
How does she choose the right colors for her?
Never underestimate the power of color!
The right colors can make you look more beautiful, enhance your image and even intensify your appearance. But the wrong colors can make you appear under-the-weather, even when you’re in perfect health.

This process takes you through the steps of matching your eye, skin and hair color to determine your personalized season-based assessment. Using the scientifically-based Color Alliance System®, I'll determine your unique color harmony. You will never make costly mistakes with color again! Your personalized color palette with give you recommendations for your best basic colors, best accent colors, best colors to wear when speaking in public and best colors to wear to convey authority.

You will receive your personalized color palette that comes in a handy little case to keep in your car or carry in your purse. It will include 40 of your best colors to help you enhance your appearance. When you choose 2-3 of your best accent colors to pair with your best basic neutrals (hint: black may be a thing of the past) you can rest assured that your wardrobe will enrich your appearance, will be easy to coordinate and will always leave you feeling as if what you’re wearing is just right!

Shopping will be a breeze when you know what colors are right for you. Simply bring your palette with you to the stores and you’ll never be left wondering “Is this color right for me?” Having your own personal color palette ensures you can make the best choices time and time again. It’s also a wonderful wardrobe building tool because your most important colors are clearly labeled. It can save you both time and money, and help you to look your very best!

Color Consultations are available as part of my packages, or through small group events. So, are you ready to have the right colors for you as you prepare your Fall Wardrobe?

Contact me today at to schedule a free 15 minute consultation at

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