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Your Child is Wheezing: Could it be the Sign of a Milk Allergy?

Posted Jan 27 2009 4:33pm

The signs of a milk protein allergy aren’t always as cut and dry as parents would like. I often receive calls from worried parents about wheezing or respiratory problems in their babies, wondering if it could be a symptom. Unfortunately, these problems may or may not be a sign of a milk protein allergy.

In general, a child with a milk allergy can’t digest the complex protein chains found in regular formula. When a child takes this formula, an allergic reaction can cause multiple gastrointestinal (GI), respiratory and/or dermatological problems. These symptoms include bloody diarrhea, vomiting, skin rash or wheezing. Also, persistent colic can be a sign of an allergy.

My first bit of advice is to make an appointment with your pediatrician immediately if you suspect your child has a milk protein allergy.

In the meantime, check out some of these other sites that might help you determine whether your child is suffering from a milk allergy:

Click here for an allergy test. Dr. John Moissidis, a Board certified pediatric allergist at The Asthma Allergy Clinic in Shreveport, La., designed this test to help parents of infants identify a potential milk allergy.

And click here for a few tools on how to deal with food allergies. As we have discussed in previous entries, a milk protein allergy can be treated by implementing an elimination diet if your little one is breastfeeding or by replacing your baby’s formula with an amino acid-based formula, like Neocate (the protein in this formula is broken down into its simplest form, making it much easier for babies to digest!).

You can also visit this site for more information on whether or not your child might have a milk allergy.

Do you have any questions? I know this allergy stuff can be tricky!

- Nita

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