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You want the truth? You can't HANDLE the truth...or can you?

Posted May 07 2009 9:23pm
Okay, my lovely blog chums. Here's the deal - I'm back working on deadline again and thus have no time to conceptualize a blog post. I owe you a vacation entry but today is not the day. Knowing my procrastinatory (that's not even a word) nature, though, I'm into posting. So, taking a cue from one of my blog faves, soon-to-be 1L Janet over at Slice of Pink offered up her blog for reader questions.

I'm doing the same - the floor is yours, friends. Anything you want to know about Ladybug's Picnic, ask away. Either in the comments or by hitting me up at ladybugs-12 AT gmail DOT com.

I pretty much put a lot out there - but I was realizing the other day that most of my favorite blog posts aren't here. They're throwbacks to pink and green girl and thus sitting in a MS Word file on my laptop, which is too bad because some of that? Is really funny stuff.

So. You got questions? Ask and I'll answer throughout the day. More later, for sure.
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