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YOU made the difference

Posted May 15 2009 10:13pm

Because of my ‘Critical’ Post
I saw your hearts
They were as wide as the oceans
Your prayers
Your gifts of love
Your willingness to help in searching for opportunities for me
I Thank You.

There are a few of you
‘J’, ‘T’ and ‘A’….
who helped me in ways beyond my imagination
We have not even met
You girls went all out to help me
So that I could survive
so that my family could survive
through this difficult period.
My Family and I Thank You.

And when the ‘ Talking Piggy Bank’ Post came up
Soooooooooo many of you
stretched out your hands
Your gesture of generosity

I’m so grateful to all of you
and I sincerely hope that the children whom you gave to, truly loved it.
To put a smile on your face after seeing the smile on their faces
that’s the least I could repay your kindness.

Allan received his cheque today.
I officially declare that I’m BREATHING again.
*Deep Breath*
The smell of freedom

And I wouldn’t have the freedom I have now
if it wasn’t for your support
through the most difficult times
*Huge Hugs*

And because of the over-whelming response
for the ‘ Talking Piggy Banks
resulting in demand more than supply,
I bugged one of my retail friend to get in more stocks

This time round
buy the ‘Talking Piggy Banks
because you want to make one more child happy

A dear blogger friend of mine
bought one for her daughter and video-ed her moments with the piggy bank
The little one was so happy
And that made me happy

I don’t have bombastic words to tell you how grateful I am
If I can,
I would pour out my heart to show you
I am Truly Thankful to have all of you as my friends.
Really Thankful….

*So email me at if you are still interested in the ‘Talking’ Piggy Banks.
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