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You asked

Posted May 20 2011 11:17pm


One of our bowl of wedgies followers asked: Would you share with us how God has provided for your family?

It’s funny that I would be asked this question on a day that literally two unexpected checks came in the mail.  I’ve always heard stories about that but it really happened today. Amazing!  Randy and I were shocked and amazed as we opened these two notes in our kitchen today. Our family has always lived on a limited income ever since we were married and so to watch God, not expect God, but to watch Him provide in ways that make us feel like we don’t live on a limited income is simply incredible. We have always budgeted our money, tithed and saved but when big financial hits (medical expenses, car repairs) have come our way we’ve had no clue how we would pay for some things and yet we have always seen God provide a way for us. Sometimes it came in the form of me working extra jobs like cleaning houses or Randy taking on a painting job here and there. Other times God has provided in completely unexpected ways through other people. All of it points us back to His provision for us. We are His kids that are stumbling through this thing called ministry and I just see Him making a way for us. Even in such a way that we always have enough to share with others. And that’s just exciting. And while you don’t always know how or when it will come through, you just know He’s got it covered. I’m not at all suggesting I don’t ever get my panties in a wad because I do. But I’m getting better at not getting all wedgied up over stuff like this. So in answering more specifically the question that was posed, let me share with you some of the ways our family has experienced the unique provision of our God. 

  • A van in great condition was sold to us for $1 one time
  • All our IVF treatment costs were loaned to us at no interest. We turned over my paycheck at the time to make monthly payments until it was all paid off.
  • Over $2,0000.00 worth of medical bills were paid for one year by collective anonymous friends and church families
  • Our church family went in and bought us a car and surprised us on a Sunday morning. They took us out in the parking lot of the church and had the car hidden behind a van and then they all yelled, “MOVE THAT VAN!” and a new/used car was there. Randy had been driving his old teal honda accord with no air conditioning and this was a wonderful blessing and provision for us.
  • We have been offered beach and mountain getaway weeks for no charge since we’ve been in ministry.
  • Friends and family who have randomly given us money at unexpected times – like today.
  • When we moved to NC our new church family provided a lot of support: meals, help with moving, financial gifts, gift cards, babysitting, etc.
  • Randy was given his first laptop computer
  • A really comfortable office chair showed up at Randy’s office once
  • Randy and I both were given tickets to a conference (separately)
  • Our entire family was given visa gift cards one Christmas and were told not to spend it on anyone else but ourselves. (Man was that fun!)
  • Stone Mountain family passes were given to us one year
  • Given an entire dining room table and chairs
  • A check for $1,000.00 was given to us right after we adopted one of our children. From neither family or church member. But a dear friend and mentor.
  • Mitchell’s hearing aids were paid for

Makes you want to give it all up to go into the pastorate doesn’t it? We have it rough ya’ll. Ha! I’m kidding. We feel so blessed. Of course these are just the tangible ways God has provided and this is huge but seeing God provide intrinsic things like friendship, encouragement, a fresh revelation from Him, strength to do new things, direction, and so much more is just as amazing to me. It humbles me to know that I belong to such amazing stock because when I look at what I actually deserve and what I’ve been given access to, well, it’s just priceless.

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men,  since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.
Colossians 3:23-24

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