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Yesterday I took the 5 year old for a blood test …

Posted Aug 03 2011 5:02am

The blood test is to determine whether he has Lyme Disease after the tick bite, in Holland .

On Monday I mentioned in passing that we were going to hospital and that he was having a blood test, but didn’t go into details.  I used this method when both children had their MMR and I seem to recall less stress.

It worked fine … sort of.

The nurse told him that there would be a scratch and then she stabbed my baby with a needle inserted the needle.  The blood test lasted seconds.

He was silent but his face told me he was screaming inside.  Despite his shock at the needle ambush he accepted the ‘well done’ sticker from the nurse … opting for the football sticker over the vampire bat one.

I took my punctured, grumpy, boy back to the car and tried to bribe him with chocolate coins probably left over from Christmas. He told me, with an air of defiance, that wouldn’t be having a blood test again. Ever.  He also questioned whether he would still have enough blood left in his body.

The third chocolate coin seemed to bring him round a little and by the time we were home I think he loved me again, a little bit. Maybe.

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