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Yellow Rose of Texas. Harrison's Yellow. Rosa Foetida.

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:26pm

Ladies, I am participating in Tackle It Tuesday at 5 Minutes for Mom. If you haven't been following along about my vision of an enchanted sunflower forest in my backyard, you can go here to catch up.

I missed giving ya'll a sunflower update last week. I was too busy trying to get the sand out of my shorts after our get-away to Florida. Now, if you missed the pictures of my kids & their cousins burying their beloved Grandpa in the sand up to his neck (and then giving him breasts & a grass skirt), you missed something absolutely too funny for words. Go over here & have a look. You can come right back.

There has been some serious growing going on in the Enchanted Sunflower Forest. But before I get to that, I want to share my rosebush with you. This is no ordinary rosebush. It is a Yellow Rose of Texas. You know, like the song. A botanist would call it Rosa Foetida or Harrison's Yellow. I just call it gorgeous. I planted it last year & this is it's very 1st bloom. I'm absolutley tickled.

Yellow Rose of Texas

There's some interesting legends & stories that surround this Yellow Rose of Texas. The song "Yellow Rose of Texas" is based on an old Texas legend from the War of Independence between Texas & Mexico. A light-skinned African-American woman ("a yellow rose") named Emily D. West was captured by the Mexicans during the looting & pillaging of Galveston, Texas. She is said to have seduced the Mexican General Santa Anna. Supposedly, the two were together when the Texan General Sam Houston & his troops showed up looking for a fight. Sorta caught with his pants down, General Santa Anna was forced to flee without weapons or armor. The Texans won the battle over the Mexicans literally in just a few minutes & with very few deaths or injuries. And because the Mexican general ran off without weapons (and possibly without his pants), he was easily captured by the Texans the next day. Or at least, so goes the legend.

The other story told about the Yellow Rose of Texas is less entertaining, but probably more accurate. Apparently, the American pioneers heading out West from New York took clippings of this rosebush with them on their journeys and planted many along the way. Kinda like Johnny Appleseed & his apples. So now, this rosebush grows in the wild all across the Western United States, but it especially seems to like Texas. Anyway, I'm told that it will grow into an enormous rambling & climbing rosebush. I can't wait.

OK, so ready for the sunflower update. Have a look at this.

Sunflower in Woods

Actually, I just wish that was one of my sunflowers. Truthfully, this is some strange, lonesome sunflower growing in the acres of woods near our house. Paratrooper Man & I went bike riding on the trails in those woods yesterday & we came across it. Fooled ya, didn't I? OK, so that wasn't very nice. Here they really are.

Enchanted Sunflower Forest: Week 6

So, exactly how tall are the sunflowers now? Let's see if I can find something to serve as a point of reference so that you can envision how tall they're really getting.

Enchanted Sunflower Forest: Week 6

Ah ha. Just like he read my mind or something, here comes one of our cats, Snickerdoodle. He's named after those yummy sandy-colored cookies with cinammon sprinkled on top.

Enchanted Sunflower Forest: Week 6

You know that movie "Horse Whisperer" with hunky Robert Redford as Tom Booker, the cowboy who communicates with horses. Well, I'm a "Cat Whisperer". I can't tell you much about it because the movie deal is still in contract negotiations. A sexy & thin red-headed actress is going to play the part of me. I can't tell you who it will be. You know how those Hollywood movie director types like to keep you in suspense. Guess they make more money at the box office that way. But, I can tell you what Snickerdoodle shared with me. He said "Tell the other bloggers that the sunflowers are taller than me now."

Enchanted Sunflower Forest: Week 6

And then he said "Oh wait, I know. Tell the other bloggers that the sunflowers are as tall as my tail now." I'm sorry. But, that's all that I can tell you for now. I may have already told you too much. You'll just have to wait until the movie comes out to hear what else Snickerdoodle told me. But, when it's a box office smash, you be sure to tell everyone that you got a sneak preview of it right here at Confessions of an Apron Queen.

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