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Xmas Jumpers Are Finally Cool???

Posted Dec 14 2012 5:55pm

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It’s time to face the facts, folks, whether you like it or not: old-school Christmas jumpers have become cooler than a polar bear’s toe-nails. They went from being the item of clothing that lived in a dark corner of a wardrobe (thanks Gran!) to the item that most teens look forward to wearing in the winter.

Like anything that becomes popular, it wasn’t long before the shops picked up on the buzz and came up with a whole host of snuggly garments that fall under the ‘Christmas jumper’ category. With all the new styles, colours and designs, there’s one to suit every personality!

So which style is best for your teenager?

As we mentioned, the once-dreaded Christmas jumper has mutated into a must-have item. But that doesn’t mean that you should choose a style for your teen willy-nilly The Christmas jumper that you ultimately pick out should depend on the personality of the person that’s going to wear it, so here’s a run-down to help you make the right choice.

If you’re buying for a cheeky chap, he’s going to be able to handle a little attention because of his humorous (and oh so cute at the same time) jumper! I mean, who doesn’t like penguins??

Buying for girls can be tricky, but there’s one crucial factor: most of them won’t mind having an animal on their jumper, whereas boys might want to go for a plainer style.  This reindeer jumper gets the balance of style and Christmas cheer just right!

It’s understandable that some kids are quiet, and might not want a blooming great bauble on their chest or something with a pattern that looks like it just ran away with the Turner Prize. Everyone matures at different rates and often the best thing to do is buy clothes which are understated. I personally was a very quiet teen, and wouldn’t have liked the idea of having a foot-long Frosty The Snowman on my clothes. Then the parka that my gran seemed to buy me every Christmas along with a woolly monstrosity, might have found its way out of my wardrobe to protect my honour.

Reindeer jumper girls Penguin jumper boys Boys plain jumper Girls plain jumper

When choosing a Christmas style jumper for someone who doesn’t like their clothes to shout ‘LOOK AT ME!’, the best thing to do is stick to something that has one or two colours that are associated with Christmas, along with a very basic design. This will give the person wearing the jumper the seasonal feeling without the making them feel like they are the centre of attention.

The big question is…will they wear it after Christmas is over?

 If you’re worried that the present you took hours to pick out is going to languish in a drawer for all time, don’t worry. Your kids are products of Generation Y, and just love to be seen as ‘ironic’. So don’t worry if you think of 1972 when you see them in their new clothes, they’re just trying to be cool. And what’s wrong with that?

This post was written by Akin Fagbohun on behalf of ASOS Marketplace.

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