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Xandra Rocha for Jockey® Shapewear

Posted Sep 16 2012 7:30pm
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“I want to eat my way around the world!” is not a declaration you would expect from a woman with a slim, svelte figure. But for Xandra Rocha, model and owner of Pinkerton Ice Cream, a passion for good eats makes up a central part of her sunny personality.  A graduate of Enderun Colleges, Xandra’s enthusiasm for food is evident in the way her eyes light up when she talks about it. “People get closer because of food,” she enthuses. “When you dine together, it creates more memories.”

As the sole proprietor of a growing homemade ice cream business, Xandra’s days are a blur of orders, customer inquiries, and meetings. She’s constantly working on mini-projects for Pinkerton and thinking up decadent new flavors to delight her customers.  She also writes a food column for Business Insight, contributes to other food publications, and is a fixture at food events. Xandra treats her busy schedule as a blessing rather than a nuisance, and is grateful for every minute she spends doing what she loves.

Like everyone else, she has those off days where she becomes tempted to shut herself in and avoid the world. “We all go through those days once in a while,” Xandra admits. “But I remind myself that if I do that, then I would have wasted a day being grumpy.”

To recharge, Xandra treats herself to something indulgent, like a massage or a mouth-watering dessert.  But since her work requires her to constantly meet with people, Xandra often turns to dressing well, which in turn boosts her confidence in herself.   “If I’m feeling bloated and nothing fits right, I throw on my black Jockey® Shapewear under my outfit and put on a pair of heels,” she says. “It helps me feel more put-together.”

Of all the Shapewear styles, Xandra’s personal favorite is the Slip Shaper, a body-hugging slip dress designed to smooth down curves from the bust until the knee.  Aside from its slimming effect, which has helped her look fabulous during her “blah” days, Xandra also relies on the Slip Shaper to provide extra coverage when she wears dresses and skirts that become sheer under strong lighting. Comfort is an important factor too – the material is so soft that she sometimes wears it as a night gown.

Another favorite is the High Waist Brief, a powerful shaper that creates a smooth mid-section while flattering natural curves. Xandra recommends this style for its versatility, seamless construction, and ability to downplay the dreaded “puson”.

As a regular user of Jockey® Shapewear, Xandra knows exactly what to look for in a good body shaper. “Make sure it fits you like a second skin!” she advises. “It should be snug, but not constricting. On the contrary, if it’s too loose, then it defeats the purpose of wearing it in the first place.” As for the color, Xandra suggests buying one that blends well with your clothes. “Choose between nude and black,” she adds. “You can wear nude under pretty much any color.”

Of course, good undergarments are just one ingredient in the recipe for renewed confidence. “’Look good, do good, feel good’ is one of my favorite sayings,” Xandra says. “I feel most confident with myself when I eat healthy, exercise regularly, and get a good amount of sleep.” For a woman determined to travel the world, one bite at a time, she’s certainly going to need all the confidence she can get.


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