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WW: Beholding Beautiful Butterflies

Posted Jun 01 2010 7:40pm
Last Thursday my friend Michele and I met up at the Butterfly Place with our toddler set in tow.

if you are wondering this is a moth - and no that is not a camera trick - from wing to wing it was about as long as a football - fortunately it did not move just hung out there.  I don't know how i would have handled that thing buzzing past my head!!!

If you are wondering what a "Butterfly Place" is, its a place that has lots of butterflies :) Seriously...a BIG closed off room with more butterflies than you can imagine, so many that it isn't uncommon to see one land on a head (or more hilariously a bum).

The boys loved it, even if Jack was a little scared of them touching him.

And despite Tommy telling everyone not to worry they won't sting, he was still a little jumpy when they buzzed him.

Really it was a great day out, and Tommy and Annika had fun playing together and feeding each other cheetos.  (really it was cute - they shared one of the little bags I brought)

Thanks Michele for meeting up with us there - we will definitely have to do this again!! (or as you said find a nice big park where the kids can just play tag together since that's what they really seemed to enjoy the most LOL)

disclaimer: do you know how hard it is to get little boys to actually look at the camera when they are surrounded by really cool bugs?!
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