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Writing yet another post!...

Posted Nov 01 2009 12:00am

Today has been one of "those" days. It was suppose to start out SO wonderful by me getting a well needed EXTRA hour of sleep. You know, Daylight saving time, Spring forward, Fall back. I don't like when we lose an hour but I certainly like when we gain one! (= What a great night to get it too, HALLOWEEN! I had every intention of getting some extra rest since I would be working a double today. Halloween was SUPER busy & the tribe was EXHAUSTED! You'd think that their mommy would be too but no... I wanted to take full advantage of that hour by doing our Halloween post! That must be the multi tasker in me! LOL! Most of the chatter on FB or Twitter last night was if the time change was going to effect their kids sleep patterns. I wondered do they have that internal clock that people talk about having? Time changes can wreak havoc on your life when you have children. Having your child wake up earlier than necessary is a BIG deal for a momma when you are on a schedule! I LOVE that the tribe wakes up at 8am, no way do I want to now start waking up at 7! YIKES! SO there I was worrying if the tribe would keep to our schedule or sleep in. But even with me worrying about it their Dad would be the one dealing with it since I'd be at work! That's what I do most weekends, WORK! Well needless to say that Halloween post was never finished & I was up WAY later than expected. Then all I did was toss & turn ALL night long. I kept worrying that I did not set the alarm clock correctly or I would sleep through it. That has happened on a few occasions. Basically I could NOT fall asleep if my life depended on it. When that alarm clock finally sounded this morning I was NOT a happy camper. I dragged the ENTIRE day! Could not wait for my shift to end so I could go to bed. But where do I sit?...

Writing yet another post!...

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