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Writing.. Writing.. Writing..

Posted Jun 23 2010 11:22pm
It's the time of the year where all moms and dads are busy, excited and anxious. It's school time once again. The school year here in our country has started and we parents have been busy preparing for this. Setting financial preparations aside, what else makes you anxious during this time? In my case, I am concerned on the comprehension aspect of my kids. I knew they can survive math or science but I am not quite sure they can ace English or Language. It's not in our genes. I know they won't be involve in academic writing soon, but I really want them to be prepared. I do not want them to end like me. When I was studying, I really hate , I am no good in composing and writing. It takes a lot of time and effort before I can make a 200 words essay. Of course, that is not the case anymore. I am not saying I am good on my composition now, it's just that I am more confident in terms of expressing myself in foreign language. Oh now, I can even do without sweating. And that is something I want them to have, confidence to express their feelings using foreign language and of course comprehension to what they are saying.

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