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Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!

Posted Jan 22 2009 3:53pm

2nd-dvd-wubbzy-art Wubbzy is back on DVD with his new movie ‘Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! A Little Help From My Friends’ and arriving in stores on February 3rd.  So what can you expect on this new 92 minute release? “A Little Help From My Friends” includes six great episodes, two bonus episodes, a bonus music video, the Kooky Kostume Game, coloring pages, printable activities and sneak peaks!

Wubbzy, a fun, lovable and curious little guy loves to play with his friends Widget and Walden in the wackly ‘ol town of Wuzzleberg.  Walden is a scientist who tries to think up solutions and Widget likes to build- which is how she comes up with several nifty inventions (Super Suction Cup Bazooka or Sonar-Radar All-in-One People Detector).   No matter what these fun-loving trio encounters, they stick together- finding a solution and to sing a song about what they have learned during their adventures together!

Episode Summaries

* A Little Help From My Friends - When Wubbzy wants to borrow a wrench from Widget to fix his bike, Widget takes over the whole operation.  Wubbzy is tired of needing help from his friends - they treat him like a little kid. He decides to cook them a dinner all by himself.  Can Wubbzy pull off the dinner with no help at all?

* A Clean Sweep - It’s house-cleaning time, and Wubbzy has plenty of chores to do but he’s having too much fun with his kickity-kick ball to clean the house or do anything else. With the mess piling up, Wubbzy looses his ball. Hopefully Wubbzy, Walden and Widget can restore order.

* Mr. Cool - Walden wants to go the Wuzzleburg Boogie Bash, but he thinks you have to be cool to go. Walden tries to be cool but realizes everyone likes him just the way he is.

* Wubbzy in the Middle - When Walden needs to clean up his library, Widget brings in a new machine, the Handy Helper 3000. The machine malfunctions and tosses the books all over the place. Walden and Widget will no longer talk to each other and now Wubbzy is caught in the middle.

* Gidget the Super-Robot - Widget builds a mirror-image robot of herself, called Gidget, which can do anything she can. Wubbzy and Walden start playing with the robot more than with her! Will Gidget the Super-Robot take over Widget’s life?

* Broken Record - Walden is handing out trophies to everyone who qualifies for the Wuzzleburg Book of Records. Wubbzy decides that he wants to break a record and collect a trophy but each time he tries someone needs his help. Which record will Wubbzy break? The bonus friendship episodes are:

* Widget gets the Blooey Blues - Widget’s new invention, the Happy Hopper, fails and she starts turning blue - she’s got the Blooey Blues. How can she save Wubbzy if she’s got the blues?

* Where’s My Wiggle Wrench? - On the eve of the big Construction Contest, Widget loses her lucky wiggle wrench. She can’t possibly win the contest without her favorite tool. Widget creates the Super Searcher 3000 which proves to be more than a searching machine.

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