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Woman Wearing an Apron (Vintage Photos)

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:25pm

I love to collect vintage photographs. Old pictures let you peek into the past. Even if just one place & one moment of the past. And since I'm the Apron Queen & I'm obsessed with aprons, I especially love old photos with women wearing aprons.

It really isn't that hard to come across vintage photos with women in aprons. Women wore aprons every day. So, naturally, there are lots of old pictures of women wearing their aprons. In fact, there's a huge variety of aprons on a whole range of women.

Farm Woman in an Apron in the Garden

I love the playfulness in this old photo. Three women, out in the garden with the hollycocks, wearing matching aprons. I always wonder about the story behind the pictures. The women look a lot alike. Are they sisters? Did they receive matching aprons as a gift? I would love to know.

Young Woman Wearing an Apron

This vintage photo is also a bit playful. I'm almost certain that is an apron thrown across the woman's shoulders. Is she wearing it as a cape like Wonder Woman? Or was she just chilly? Or am I just obsessed with aprons and that's not an apron after all?

Grandma Wearing an Apron in Rocking Chair (Old Woman)

I love the simplicity of this photo. The scene is so timeless. An old woman, maybe a grandma, in a rocking chair. Wearing an apron. And reading from a huge book. It's a classic scene.

1950s Woman in Apron with 1956 Ford Crestliner Car

Speaking of a classic, have a look at this vintage photo. It's stamped February 1956. The woman is wearing an apron that matches her dress. More than likely, she is dressed in her Sunday best. I'm guessing that the dress & apron are handmade. And she is proudly posing in front of the family car. I think it is a 1950s Ford Crestliner. If anyone knows more, leave me a comment. I love to know more about the stories behind the pictures.

Woman in Apron. Boy with Antique Teddy Bear.

Believe it or not, here's a picture where my favorite part isn't the apron. Have a look at the stuffed teddy bear in this picture. What a wonderful antique bear! I would guess this picture is from the early 1900's.

1950s Housewife Wearing an Apron in the Kitchen

Look at this happy housewife in the 1950s. She is wearing a dress, high heels & an apron to wash her dishes. Puts my shorts & flip-flops to shame. At least I do wear an apron!

Pioneer Woman in Apron and Sunbonnet

And last, but not least, these women look like early pioneers. I love the sunbonnet on the one woman. Maybe they'll come back into fashion. OK, probably not. But, I am pleased to see the apron making a comeback.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed your peek back into time with me. For more Show & Tell Friday, visit Kelli's House.

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