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Winter Wonderland

Posted by Kristin L.

DSCN3628 I grew up in a community called Lake Arrowhead (see the live webcam pretty cool stuff, no snow YET) among the movie stars each year, and MTV at Snow Summit, the snow also came. One of the most exciting and fun times of my life. I guess it never quite feels like Christmas without snow.

DSCN3640 So when I heard an arctic low was coming from the north I was excited. While everyone else got prepared I turned on the fireplace and brought out my snowboarding gear. (pants, jackets, and gear no board people I won't risk messing it up)

So today the snow hit in Portland, Oregon and I couldn't be more excited. My sister called, my mom called it was almost as if I had the feeling of home again.

Kai doesn't remember the snow, or remember the year of her life where we lived in Lake Arrowhead. However, she did remember how to make a snow angel, and while my mom and I chatted away she created one of her very own. 

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