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Winter Photo Walk, Pre-Naptime Moments Edition

Posted Feb 15 2013 9:38am

Raising older kids, folks sometimes ask me about stuff I miss the most about their know...not so little, anymore.  That's easy.  Naptime!!!

Frozen clothes line

Aaaaaand, those precious pre-naptime moments, when I would take them to the park, or drag them out into our backyard (2 out of 4 STILL hate bugs, me too) and just watch, as they race each other from tree to tree (protip for parents of younger kids:  best distraction tactic ever, works EVERY blessed time!) with little or no fear of their running into a sharp corner...or a wall.


Now, it's me they have to worry about (or the dog, because he too forgets to slow down and look, before turning too quickly, sometimes)  and dang if I couldn't use a REAL good nap, right about now.


Aaaaaanyway, now that they are older (not me, I'm still 19, in my head, anyways) the kids have their own agendas (none of which include me) and, well, snowy weekends were made for pre-naptime activity, yes?

"No one will go outside and make a snowman with me."

[insert sad face, extending lower lip, over upper lip, here]

My youngest, on the other hand, would insist that no one never, ever...NEVER...wants to do anything, with her...EVER!

"I will!"

Judging by the skepticism, written all over her face (protip:  I don't think pre-teens EVER get rid of "the look" until AFTER they have kids) she probably did NOT mean me.

See, it's written all over her face:  seriously, Mom??  YOU??  The woman who would not even be able to bend down (or stand up) without having to take a nap, afterwards?!?

Winter photo walk 1
Fiiiiiiiine, maybe I can't build a snowman worth a lick (stupid sciatica, dumbass herniated discs) however, we CAN go on an awesome wintertime photo walk and catch a few gosh-darned-mighty-fine-pre-naptime moments of our own.

Winter photo walk 2
Aaaaaaaand, guess what THIS weekend's project is going to be...g'head, I'll wait...unless it snows again and then, well, I call naptime!!!  Who's with me?!?

[sound of crickets, chirping]

Dumbass-delinquent drain pipe, stupid-ignorant ice.

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