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Windows Dream

Posted Jan 18 2013 8:11pm

Any housewife dreams of having a place of her own, her own house, her own kingdom. And yes, I do dream of living in our own house. Hopefully sooner and not later. When it comes to dreaming my own house, there is one thing that I want. OK not one thing but I can say that this is the priority on my list aside from having a big kitchen is having windows everywhere.

You know windows has a very big influence on the environment of the house. It affects the temperature of the house, the ventilation as well as lighting. It can even influence the amount of electricity you consume. I am quite lucky with the house we are renting now, though it does not have big windows, it does have a good ventilation. There are times that we don’t need to turn on the fans. And that is what I want for my future house, windows, windows and more windows.

Aside from the environmental influence it has on a house, windows also influence the aesthetic value of a house. That is why other people opt for  new replacement windows  to give their house a better look. Windows give the house its identity, specially when it comes to architecture. Of course when choosing what kind of window I will get for my future house, I’d go for something that is pretty to look at and gives me the ventilation I need.

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