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Widening Close-Set Eyes.

Posted Oct 18 2008 2:28pm
Makeup is all about illusion. You can actually give the appearance of widening close-set eyes with a few simple tricks. The first one is do NOT pluck your brows back. Brows should begin level with the middle of your nostril. If you pluck them back, they draw attention to themselves.

The way to give the appearance of widening the eye is to widen the arch of the brow. In other words, instead of having it end at the outside edge of the iris, bring it out a little bit. You’ll have to play with this to see what works for you. Then use very light shadows on the inner third of the lid.

Dark shadows will pull the eyes together. Our Highlighter Pencil is wonderful for running around the inside corner of the eye. This is usually the darkest and most recessed area of the face. Put a light in there eyes will look farther apart and you’ll look instantly brighter and more awake. (A great tip for more mature eyes.)
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