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Why? Why? Why? I wanna know why....

Posted Jan 14 2009 8:54pm
1) I wanna know why Garrett and Landon refuse to eat what is on their plates sometimes YET they'll eat that very same thing they snubbed when they find it, old and petrified, in the dust pan 3 days later.

2) I wanna know why my kids refuse to try new foods UNLESS it's on my plate. Then it's every man for himself.

3) I wanna know why I can wait an hour or longer to see if Garrett and Landon will poop before I change their diapers. Of course they don't. But as soon as they're in a nice, fresh diaper, they let the flood gates open....

4) I wanna know why the one time I forget to put a bib on Landon, he spills grape juice on his shirt. If he had a bib on, I'm convinced he would not have spilled the juice.

5) I wanna know why I was so stupid enough to give a toddler grape juice to drink.

6) I wanna know how I could rock Landon for 10 minutes and he's fast asleep, snoring even, YET when I put him down in his crib, he's wide awake and screaming as I try to sneak out of the room.

7) I wanna know why all of my kids hate drinking plain water with a passion YET they will drink it, and claim it's the best thing they've tasted since gummy snacks were invented, when the water is in a fancy-schmancy bottle.

8) I wanna know why Bella continously asks "watch me Mommy" over and over again when she wants to show me something cool that she's doing. She sees me staring at her watching her, yet she feels the need to keep saying "watch me Mommy" as if she's afraid I may blink and miss something.

9) I wanna know why my kids tell me they're not hungry YET when I grab a snack for myself not 5 minutes later, they're suddenly ravenous and in dior need of food.

10) Lastly, I wanna know why I think I could actually sit down for more than 5 minutes without being interrupted by "Mommy, I need something to drink", "Mommy, I want more ranch dressing", "Mommy, I need a band-aid", "Mommy, he's touching me", "Mommy, come here and rub my back", "Mommy, I need your help in the bathroom"....."Mommy, mommy, mommy"......
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