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Why I love having sisters:

Posted Oct 20 2009 10:02pm
This is just one of the reasons I love sisters....


Summer: Ahhhh....the boys are gone. Chloe's asleep. I get to paint my nails and watch chick flicks. Just like the good ol' days. Now if only I could sleep in my life would be complete!
Yesterday at 5:46pm · Comment · Like

Heather: No qtips tonight please.....
Yesterday at 9:43pm · Delete

Heather:....or tweezers.....
Yesterday at 9:44pm · Delete

Heather:...or scissors.....
Yesterday at 9:46pm · Delete

Summer: I have a story about scissors or tweezers I don't know about???
Yesterday at 10:14pm · Delete

Heather: No...just after the eardrum incident last just never know!!
Yesterday at 10:33pm · Delete

Summer: I got enough attention from that to last me AT LEAST another week. How's Eric doing on that ticket for you to visit?!?
Yesterday at 10:34pm · Delete

Heather: Hmm... No word on tickets...
Yesterday at 10:47pm · Delete

Summer: I cannnnnn't liiiiiiiive.....if living is without you.....
Must. Have. My. Sisters!!!!
Yesterday at 10:48pm · Delete

Heather: Call you another good story for ya...
Yesterday at 10:50pm · Delete

Summer: oooooh fun! Jimmy and Tay are going to the air show, so I'll be trying not to shop.
Yesterday at 10:52pm · Delete

Heather: Are you ok??
Yesterday at 10:52pm · Delete

Summer: Actually I'm not. What was that comment about, trying not to shop?!? Who am I kidding?
Yesterday at 10:53pm · Delete

Summer: shopping is better than buying a house any day!
Yesterday at 10:54pm · Delete

Heather: The comment was about your little song outburst
Yesterday at 10:57pm · Delete

Summer: oh that....that was just my turrets. When I get filled with emotion, I bust out in song.
Yesterday at 10:59pm · Delete

Ugh, I just love them....and they love me.

Sisters are awesome...and I'm pretty sure they need to move down here.

If they do, I promise to be at their house every single day. We can shop together, eat together, work out together, parent together, redecorate together, watch tv will be like old times.

Good times.

© 2009 "Le Musings of Moi"
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