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Why Are Roosters Lucky?

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:26pm

Many people have roosters in their kitchen. Roosters are a symbol of good luck. Ever wonder Why are roosters lucky? Come on, I'll tell you about the legend of the rooster.

A long, long time ago in a land far, far away… OK, I'll be more precise. During the Renaissance period in 15th century Italy, there was a very rich and powerful family in Florence by the name of Medici. Two brothers, Lorenzo and Giuliano, headed the family. The two brothers had a medieval reputation for being party animals. They were known to throw a party for just about any reason.

Lucky Rooster on Vintage Apron

Now, there was another very rich and powerful family in Florence by the name of Pazzi. And they wanted all the wealth and power to themselves. So, they hatched (no pun intended) a plot to kill the Medici family and take all of their wealth and power. And what was this plot? Knowing the Medici brothers were party animals, the Pazzi’s had a conspirator suggest the Medici brothers throw a big party for the villagers of nearby Gallina as a reward for working the land so hard that year.

Lucky Rooster on Vintage Apron

The Pazzi’s intended to wait until the end of the party when everyone was drunk or asleep. Then, they would launch a surprise attack and kill everyone. Well, the Medici brothers took the bait- hook, line and sinker. So, the night of the big party in Gallina, the assassins began sneaking into the village to carry out the surprise attack.

Lucky Rooster on Vintage Apron

Fortunately, the attackers had to cross the barnyard to get to where the Medici brothers slept. Now, have you ever heard of an attack rooster? I have. I’ve experienced an attack rooster. I’m an RN and I used to have a job making home health visits in rural Missouri. I was forever being attacked by territorial roosters while making my visits. These big, ginormous roosters would be chasing me through the yard as my patients sat on the front porch giggling at the silly nurse. Don’t waste your money on an attack dog. Just get a rooster.

Lucky Rooster on Vintage Kitchen Towel

Anyway, the Pazzi family’s assassins had to sneak through the barnyard to get to the house. And you guessed it- the roosters went on the attack. The roosters chased the assassins and crowed so loudly that everyone woke up, foiling the surprise attack. The roosters saved the day! Well, Giuliano was so pleased to have been saved by the roosters that- can you guess what he did to celebrate? Yep, he threw a party. And he ordered his artisans to create wine pitchers in the likeness of his fine, feathered friend- the rooster.

Lucky Rooster on Vintage Kitchen Towel

So, at the big party, the Medici brothers gave all the peasants of Gallina each a rooster pitcher as a good luck token. And ever since then, it has been an Italian tradition to give Roosters of Fortune wine pitcher to friends and family as wedding and housewarming gifts to protect them from danger and misfortune.

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