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Why all migrate?

Posted May 22 2010 1:28am

I was so shocked few days ago, after receiving Piggy’s message. She and her family will migrate to Australia in August! It is like 3 months from now. There are just so many shocks that I have had that day. Shocks after shocks, and I was really… shocked. Piggy’s (coming) departure is what threw me the hardest, coz it is so unexpected.

Client changed their mind, my bookings got hijacked, staff resigning, etc – these are somehow expected and dealt with very often. But my best friend is migrating?

Remember I wrote before about all my good friends are not by my sides? TM married a Hungarian, staying in Shanghai for years already. WW divorced her doctor husband, went to Germany and subsequently working in Shanghai for years. SM’s office closed down in Klang and she was posted to Bangkok for many years, and will be very likely move to Jakarta soon, not likely to return.

My school time best friends are all out of the country. Later, befriend with Piggy and Aiyu, just as Ian started to believe we are best friends, now Piggy is leaving Malaysia too. Now left with just Aiyu!

There are so many of my friends leaving! This includes hubby’s best friends as well. FE and wife migrated to Australia. My cousin and husband migrated to Australia. Silversword and family posted to Vietnam. Another cousin marrying a Hongkie and will be moving to HK next year. CC went to Korea then London.

Piggy’s reason for migrate is for her son’s future. Ya, I know we talked a lot about future here for the kids. I am also quite doubtful about staying here, losing faith of the country, but I have too much complacent that I don’t think it would be easy to just leave the country.

Anyway, my after shock is still bad… I am still trembling inside – not really about their decision, but more on the increasing doubt of staying in this country. Sigh!

Anyway, Piggy, all the best, and I see it as a place for me to have holiday in the future. :p

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