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Who are you and what have you done with my child?

Posted Nov 29 2010 2:42pm

Sophie has spent the last twenty days at her Grandmother’s house in GA. Do I even need to say more? Well, I suppose I will. Twelve of those days were just she and my Mom being together. You know where I’m going with this. Most of you know I lost my Dad five years ago to a blood disorder and so Mom has been by herself but has done very well. The time she had with Sophie was wonderful for both of them. Mom has not had that much time with just Sophie. So they both were excited about their girl time together. It wasn’t planned at all. In fact I didn’t have enough clothes so they just had to make do. Mom said that Sophie said to her one day, “Grandmother, why do I keep wearing the same pants over and over?” Ha! That cracked me up. She had three pairs of panties that got washed every three days. Or I hope they did. I decided not to ask. Mom and Sophie did all kinds of special things together. They painted pine cones, went to the Waffle House, had tea parties every morning, went to the toy store, ……….and so it goes. Meanwhile I was back in NC decorating the house for Christmas with my friend, Alice, who came over and did all the bows, garland and front porch froo froo stuff. Okay, and everything else.  It turned out so nice. One of my favorites is the Coca-Cola tree in the den. We have been adding to the coke ornament collection for about five years now and finally were ready for a full tree. So while we were doing all the decorating Sophie was pretty much getting spoiled rotten to the core back in GA. We knew it would be bad but we didn’t know how bad the spoilage factor would be until the last 48 hours. I think Randy has had to spank her at least 10 times in the last two days. She had to be sent to bed last night after disobeying and boy did she go pitching a fit which got her a bonus spanking. Oh boy. I am really wondering if the Grandmother trip was worth it. I think it was because they both will remember that week together forever but we are paying for it big time right now. I tried to find a Santa Claus today at the Mall in case he might do a number on that attitude with the whole “naughty or nice” talk but didn’t see one. We were at REI looking at jackets and Sophie was checking out the hats which she needs. I told her to pick out a few and then we’d look at them together and pick one. Well, I guess she didn’t hear the “one” part because she came over to me after a few minutes and said, “Okay, Mom, I’ve got my hats.” She laid out twelve hats all in a row on the floor. A worker came over and said, “Can I help you?” Sophie said, “Look at all the hats I’m going to buy!” I tried to call my Mother to thank her for giving in to her every want and whim over the last two weeks but couldn’t get her. I explained to Sophie that I meant for her to pick out three or four and then together we’d decide which would be a good ONE to buy. She huffed and put the other eleven back and then we had a quick lil’ attitude adjustment behind the water resistant ski pants and then proceeded to pay for the hat.

Christmas Tree at Mom's 001

This picture is adorable but does it scream, “Ta-dah…It’s all about ME. me. me. ME!!!!!” or what? We’re already at that age of thinking the world revolves around one person and it’s “me”.  And then you add to that three weeks at Grandmother’s house. So what can we expect, right? Sunday was just an odd day all around for her. She was so excited about seeing her Sunday School teacher, Ms. Earles. She loves her so much. But when Ms. Earles was in the middle of her prayer Sophie just burst into tears wanting me. She was inconsolable. So she sat with me in Sunday School. And then in big church all the little kids went down for a special children’s segment that Randy is doing with them on the advent wreath. Sophie decides after clinging to me that she wants to go up there. So she does. And I swear, she thought she was the only kid up there. She gives Randy a big hug as she walked on to the stage. Cute. That’s her Daddy and she sees him as Daddy, not preacher man who is on stage doing his thing. I love that innocent, childlike approach. But then she starts pushing the whole thing by raising her hand the entire time; asking questions; wanting to tell stuff; waving to me. When I motioned, from the front pew, for her to put her hand down she totally rolled her eyes and looked disgusted. Randy gave out flashlights to all the kids and was in the middle of talking about Jesus being the light of the world and Sophie wants to know if she can have a different color flashlight. I know, it really is funny but this high maintenance stuff is driving me crazy. But I guess I should look at it as a good opportunity for a wide open door for growth and training. I suppose every day is that way. This is more like an intensive boot camp training filled with lots of girl drama. I can hear my friend saying to me….this too shall pass. I know. But I just need to know if it’s going to be in the next day or two.

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