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Where we at?

Posted Oct 20 2007 12:00am

Besides the ghetto, based on my title choice... this point in time here is where we are in the baby-making process.

We have asked our friend to be a KD. He has tentatively agreed. He is being tested for any and all STDs, but a sperm analysis has not been done (nor will be, unless needed). We all agree that we do not want him to have any legal responsibilities or rights when it comes to the future kid(s). Because of this, we have hired a pair of attorneys to complete a donor agreement. The agreement will be finished by the end of this week. When I receive a draft, I will forward it on to KD so he can have his own legal counsel look over it. When all legal papers are signed, we are officially on our way of TTC.

In order to make our donor agreement legal, we had to exchange something of significant value with KD. Many women just write a check. This sounded too impersonal to both us and KD. Instead, we had B's best friend who is an artist create a painting. It came out absolutely beautiful. KD has already seen it and was just as excited as we wanted him to be.

I have been taking chewable vitamins and charting on fertility friend for over a year. When ovulation and TOM didn't seem to follow a clear pattern, I went to the doctor. After tests and ultrasounds, she found a complex right ovarian cyst. I had that removed in August 2007. The doctor said that everything else looked great while she was in there and I should not have any problem in getting pregnant.

Since around day 11 of my first cycle after my surgery I have been using OPKs to determine my LH surge. Well, today is day 22 and I see nothing. However, FF is telling me, based on previous cycles, that I could ovulate any day now, and to continue to test. So I do. Everyday.

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