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Where the surf meets the turf

Posted Aug 28 2010 9:36pm

I love going out with my girlfriends and fellow San Diego bloggers ! We don’t do it often enough, but usually, while we’re out snapping photos, tweeting and laughing so loud people actually Shh! us (at a LIVE outdoor event, seriously), we get asked – once or twice – “Who’s birthday is it?” or “What’s the occasion?” because it appears, to the average person, that us ladies don’t really get out all that much.

Let’s just say that us moms don’t really get out all that much. Considering that our “job” is a 24/7 gig, getting out once a month with just the ladies can be, well, exhausting but worthwhile, and yet often a struggle to squeeze into our schedule. Some moms weren’t able to join us last night since issues with the sitter fell through at the last-minute, or didn’t take place at all. We missed you ladies!

Photo courtesy of @Jen_eration_X

Those of us who did make it to the Mom’s Night Out event yesterday at the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club spoke, briefly, about our recent parenting challenges or issues that happened during the week that we were happy to step away from.

One of us is in the process of moving, a few are going through renovation hell, and while others are counting down the days until school starts again, there are those who hold bittersweet feelings about their kids leaving for college. One of us (raising hand) is halfway through her pregnancy and another is going to be a Grandma for the first time in just a few months.

While all of these stages that we’re going through are emotional and challenging in their own way, getting to have a Mom’s Night Out last night was the highlight of the week for each of us. Being treated to a VIP tour of the Paddock, petting the horses and mingling with the jockeys was a pretty cool experience. Sitting at the Stretch Run Grill , one of the track side restaurants, and being so close to the turf as the races flew by was exhilarating and of course, standing at the Winner’s Circle after a few races was beyond awesome, not to mention the VIP admission to the Super Diamond concert that took place after the races came to an end.


Photo courtesy of @Jen_eration_X

I’ve been to the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club before, on several occasions, and each time I’ve gone the experience has been different. I took my son and my mom to a Family Day event on the infield, where we spent most of the time eating and watching my son play on the kiddie activities. I’ve sat in the shaded seats cheering for my horses among fans who were just as eager to win some cash and last night, for the first time, I got to experience a different atmosphere since we were able to eat, drink and be merry while still rooting for the winning horses.

The ladies I went with definitely made the night what it was, but having a new perspective on the races made me even more excited to head back to the track, with my husband and my son or with whomever can join me – where the turf meets the surf, one of Southern California’s must-experience venues.

Follow the Del Mar Racing staff for updates, event highlights and photos and join their fan page on Facebook .

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