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Where should women live .... VOTE now

Posted Dec 23 2008 9:33pm

I went looking for a free 'burning bra' image to illustrate this post. Well apparently the great burning bra thing never happened .... go here. Urban myth status ...

I did find one bra being burnt image, but it was on an ultra conservative Christain woman's blog. After reading some of the comments I could not bear to bring myself to ask for permission to reproduce it here. I wanted no association with her work.

So instead you have a picture of New Zealand, the place I nominate as the most likely to advance the cause of equal rights for women, give women a fair go and be generally respectful of the fairer sex.

Why New Zealand .... well in 1893 they did give women the vote. Australian women had to wait a bit longer. And too bad for our indigenous sister and brothers - they waited till 1964. In some parts of Canada unmarried women and widows were allowed to vote earlier than this, but married women had to wait until 1918 - go figure.

French women stood around a long time, waiting till 1944. Read more here.

During the time I lived in New Zealand I experienced a female Prime Minister, my provincial city had a female, minority ethnic group Mayor and I got my first break into senior public service. I was 32 years young. Another city had a female Mayor who was a previously a Mr.

So which country would you vote for .... which country leads by example ... I know Norway has done some interesting work with prescribing the number of seats that MUST be held by women on public company boards .... is this the way to go? Go here to read more and here too.Plus one more.

Leave a comment here sharing your experiences and vote in the poll - top right corner. I'd love to know what your life experience has lead you to believe - thanks le .
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