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When to teach a Child body parts?

Posted Sep 29 2008 9:11pm

When to teach a Child body parts?

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That was what my friend asked me today. She came over for a visit and saw that my kids powdered their elbow too after a bath, she was puzzled. She has never seen kids powdered their elbows before…

I told her its because as I powdered them I would naturally name the body parts . Now they are so used to the routine, powder neck 1st, then armpit, shoulder, chest, tummy, private, knee, ankle, backside and back.My boys were able to identify their body parts around 1 year old.

I actually started this when they were able to sit up in the tub during bath time. As I was cleaning each part of their body I just happened to say things like, “ok…lets wipe your face first…. now your hair… shoulder… armpit…. neck….so on and so forth. When you get to hear the same words twice a day and every day, its hard not to get the names into your brain.

When do you teach your child about parts of their body?

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