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When Should a Trend Be Ignored?

Posted Jan 17 2011 4:37pm

As an image consultant and style expert, I get a little giddy upon hearing about the new trends for a particular season. It's almost like Christmas, waiting in anticipation and excitement. Yet once I discover the trends for any given season I am almost always met with a feeling of disappointment. Once the trends are unveiled on the runway, they seem so fresh and exciting, and of course look amazing on the runway models! But then reality sets in and I realize that not only could I never wear half of the trends, but the majority of the population shouldn't, either.

Case in point: one of the 'hot' trends for Spring 2011 is neon brights in makeup. Now don't get me wrong - I can appreciate a good neon pink, especially when it is on my daughter's Barbie or even her skirt. But for me? No, thank you. Been there, done that, and even at the age of 15 it wasn't all that flattering.

This is a great example of when a trend should be left on the runway. Neon makeup, in my humble opinion, really does nothing for most complexions. These models, pictured, look hideous in this shade of neon pink lipstick, but, hey, it's trendy, right? Well, to me it's just plain wrong. Look at how it makes their skin look washed out in comparison and really doesn't enhance their natural beauty. It overshadows their soft features and gives them a hard edge that is just not flattering. They would do better to go with a soft pink that let their natural beauty shine through!

I am not saying no one can or should wear neon makeup, but am advising you to exercise caution when stepping up to the makeup counter. Sure, it's the latest and greatest, but don't let a young twenty-something convince you that it's going to make you look fabulous - unless you're going to an 80's costume party!

So who can wear neon?

Those with African-American complexions can carry off some of the stronger neon shades, but I would recommend them for eyes rather than lips. With a darker complexion, the colors come across more subtly and are not so arresting to the eye. Also, those with an olive or pale can try some of the brights on eyes, but do so sparingly. With neon, a little goes a long way. Don't overdo it and you'll look fabulous this spring!

But here's a word to the wise: if you don't feel like this trend is for you, by all means, overlook it and move on to something that makes you feel fabulous! I, for one, will not be sporting any type of neon makeup this season - unless there's a Xanadu party somewhere!

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