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When It Comes To Training And Education - The Times Are Changing

Posted Mar 04 2010 5:33pm

Education has changed a lot over the years. As an adult educator, I have always hated the traditional layout of classrooms. It stifles discussion, reduces communication, and is not conducive to good learning. Let's face it, who wants to sit in a classroom and see the back of someone's head. I have preferred the U-shaped arrangement where I can see everyone, everyone can see me, and everyone can see each others. This post - The Harkness/Exeter Model brightens my day a little. This model is being used now to teach our children.

It's not just in our schooling. In the past, if you wanted to learn how to operate a bulldozer for example, it took several months and you had to keep a log book and accumulate 100 hours or more before you could become qualified (it's still like that here in Oz). As this post points out - From Lounge Lizard To Backhoe Operator In Just Three Weeks - in the US you can learn to operate heavy equipment in just three weeks. I like the sound of that. I think we extend training here in Australia just for the sake of looking good.

Training to be effective online is now becoming big business as this post - Your Social Media Road Map For The Twin Cities - shows. This seminar is free, there are many others that charge hundreds of dollars for these events. I don't if the hundreds of dollars are worth the money, but when it's free - I wish they would hold it here so I could go.

Education needs to become more modern. Here in Oz, learning to become a plumber, or carpenter, or electrician, or motor mechanic all take two years. It seems to me we like this two year training cycle, You can't tell me it takes the same amount of time to learn to become a motor mechanic - look under the hood at how complex cars are now; and say a carpenter. Having been in adult education, I have seen, and had to teach, modules that are really a waste of time and money - I mean, I once had to teach a module, full of competencies, on how to open an envelope. Why? The course required 50 hours of teaching to be accredited so they stuffed it full of crazy little modules. That letter opening module - ten hours was the nominal training time. You try to stretch that out to ten hours!

Training is changing - some of it for the better, some not so. But it is evolving.

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