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When Did My Babies Grow Up…

Posted May 04 2009 11:30pm

When did my babies grow up…I remember bringing home these tiny little 14 month old babies who were scared to death of everything. Little Man clung to me and pretty much cried all the time and Little Princess was ALL about Daddy. Somehow in the last seven months my babies became toddlers — their little faces are all little boy and little girl and their little personalities are so out there now!


Little Man LOVES to please. If asked to sit down he will do just that — except there is no guarantee that he will stay sitting for very long! You can say it 10 times in 10 minutes if you are not careful! He also absolutely loves his music — and to dance! On Sunday when we were at my niece’s dance recital he sat on my boobs (which I guess he thought were big enough to be a chair) and danced the WHOLE time. He was completely taken with the whole thing, he wants to tumble and dance! As soon as I find out what it will take to sign him up for a dance/tumbling class and he is eligible, he will be signed up even if he is the only boy there. If he has to be 2 or older I may tell his grandparents or Aunts and Uncles that these lessons would be the best birthday present for him, since he has more than enough toys already! Then today we started the watch the same show over and over and over again — both of them L-O-V-E the Imagination Movers and the Un-Party episode. Today we watched it 5 times…which says something as we spent the morning and early part of the afternoon at the zoo and park, then they took 2 hour naps — so I can almost recite this show word for word! But the best part — Little Man has started to imitate the dancing he saw on the show, yep they dance and today he started dancing just like they were. It took EVERYTHING in me not to laugh out loud!


(This is their favorite game with the sheers in our living room…they laugh so hard and have so much fun! Even though they can really see each other they think they are playing peek a boo!!!)

Then we have Little Princess who well is a tad bit strong willed (is there a word that describes when a child is MORE than strong willed?). It is her way or NO way. Her greatest love is animals — she really likes birds (ducks and parrots more than anything) but any bird will do — she absolutely loved the sea lion show today at the zoo. She is the reason we have a zoo membership and go at least once a week. She loves to make animal sounds and laughs when we imitate the animals. She is almost always in a good mood and her smile just lights up a room. Her laugh is absolutely contagious - she can even get her brother going. She also loves to read (so does he but not as much as her), there are times Aaron or I have had to read “I Love You Through and Through” 20 times in one sitting - fortunately we now have it memorized! Tonight when I was playing the Imagination Movers for her brother and she was in the kitchen with Aaron she came crawling into the living room, sat in the middle of the floor and smiled from ear to ear while she watched the Imagination Movers! She is always so proud of herself when she accomplishes the next goal in her book!

One thing they both love is my camera — they love to take pictures as well as look at the pictures I have taken! Another thought for their birthday is those toddler cameras - oh the pictures they would take, I am laughing now just thinking of them! Oh yeah and they are both becoming much more independent, more on that later!

So when did my babies become toddlers? And will I be attending their weddings before I know it….where does the time go!

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