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When all else fails... procrastinate

Posted Jan 21 2010 5:39pm
I feel a story in me. A few actually. Voices of characters that are edgier, grumpier and more sarcastic than others (which for me is going to really put me over the line in terms of a voice), but apparently I am not ready to write with these characters yet. Or maybe I am not ready to hear what they have to say because it will tell me a bit more about myself than I care to know. So... I am procrastinating.

Laundry is half done. I have work projects that have been stagnant for a year that I am finally getting around to following up with, and I am even blogging. I'm classic for this sort of procrastination. I'm trying to pin it on a weekend getaway--you know one of those Get Me Out of the House Alone moments and stretch it into an entire weekend to get away and be me, but it isn't likely to happen. No one person's fault really- we've got races to run (well the Husband has that), Tiger Scout meetings, and a million other errands that need running that I feel I should take my part. But maybe I'll stretch it into a long afternoon. Or some quiet time in the wee hours of the night. I don't know. These characters are kinda secretive. But I know when their ready (and I'm ready), I'm not sure I'll be able to slow down even if I want to.

I. Can't. Wait.
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